Four tips every Bride needs to hear before they get Married

I just hit the two year mark a few weeks ago. Man.. let me tell you that time goes by fast! But flashback to 27 months ago.... the planning part was very interesting! Between the feelings and unsolicited opinions. You have to stand your ground. Here are four pieces of advice that I can give to you to make the best out of your big day!

Things don't go as planned..... and its okay
I cant even list the amount of things that didn't go the same way that I dreamed it up in my head. For example, my bouquets didn't make it to the ceremony. I HAD NO FLOWERS TO WALK DOWN THE AISLE WITH! I swear when I heard I almost blew a gasket.
Conclusion: I ended up walking down without them and no one noticed (or thought that I did it on purpose).

Take advice from other brides
I know that you want your day to be unique. You grabbed inspiration from your favourite magazine BUT real experiences are key. Although it wasn't a vendor recommendation the best advice I got was live in the moment. The days speeds by soooo quickly. On that day smile a little longer, dance harder and take a lot of pictures!

Let your mom win a battle or two..
I come from a very strong Jamaican family. As a first generation Canadian (plus the first child in my immediate family to get married) my mom had a lot to say. A popular Jamaican tradition is black cake at your wedding. My husband and I are pretty Canadian and wanted to skip that tradition but my mom keep on insisting. In the end, she ordered two cakes and we ended using them for the wedding. Literally, it was one of the best cakes i've had in my life! It ended up being better than my original wedding cake!

Wear what you want!!
I spoke about this in my Five things I wish I knew before I went dress shopping post a while back. Well aware of my body type. Small waist but very 'busty". Anyways wayyyy back in 2013/2014 I went to Davids Bridal just to ask a few questions and was shocked at the way I was treated. I walked in with an oversized turtle neck and I remember a woman telling me that I should only wear a ballgown anything else wouldn't be flattering. I never really told anyone but I avoided bridal shops for months. In the end, I ended up wearing a trumpet/mermaid type gown. My advice... Try on everything even if it's not your type. Then rule it out.. never make ANYONE force you into something that isn't you!


  1. Yes! Definitely talk to other friends who have gone through a wedding! I remember asking my friends about any regrets they had about their wedding so I could learn from them.

  2. Completely agree with this list. I think we all need to hear this advice before saying "I Do"

  3. Thanks for the tips even though not planning on a wedding anytime soon. The process seems fun along the way with of course challenges. Happy two year anniversary 🙌🏾

  4. Such a nice post, we all need to let mms follow some rituals & take lots n lots of images on that day:)

  5. Great tips my cousin is getting married next year so I'm going to email this to her :)


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