SELF-CARE Reminder for Moms with Toddlers

Moms...Have you ever had a day where you just want to go home slide into bed and pull the covers over your head and maybe IGNORE EVERYONE!!! Well, I have and I'm sure most mamas have gone through some type of moment trying to balance the many hats we have to wear...DAILY. Self-care is so important for moms especially these days when life is changing so drastically and so much is expected from us. 

You must unwind and try new things! 
Plus reconnect with the old! 

These are my top three that I hope will help you!

My personal favourite is disconnecting from the world. Start by turning off your phone or putting it on silent. How about drawing a bath with candles? I love to sit and soak and reflect. Life is always changing and so are we! Try not to focus on the stress of the week... Like that random toddler meltdown at dinner. Maybe focus on your accomplishments for the week, a dessert that you want to make/buy or blast your fave song as you chill out. I was gifted some new BBW candles that I can't wait to Fall in Love with!

Go for a walk or sit outside. Whatever works for you! Just get some fresh air. What about a drive? Put on a hat, head tie or hood. Just go! I always complain that I don't want to go out but always feel much better whenever I do! 

Take the time to get a facial (Or do one on yourself -if that makes you feel better), buy/shop your beauty stash, or get some special teas! Just get excited for something that might be out of your usual routine. It's just something to look forward to!

Remember if you don't take time for yourself then you will not be good to anyone else.  
So, stop and take time for you ladies!


  1. Yes a couple of your suggestions are my go-to activities for a break. Loved reading about more ways to do it.

  2. So true! I love sitting outside sometimes for a breather


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