Cool Household Products to Add to Your Kitchen Wishlist

Decorating your home can be such a great way to express yourself and utilize your creativity to make a beautiful living space for you and your family. 

One of the best ways to make a house feel like a home is by personalizing the look and feel of it and creating a certain “vibe” and aesthetic. 

Sometimes we think of the kitchen as the center of the household because everybody’s gotta eat! Since everyone will be most likely to enter the kitchen at least once a day, it’s important to turn it into a comfortable space that represents the style and aesthetic of the home. These 3 household products are some of my fav items I use to spruce up my kitchen decor and create a “homey” vibe for my family. 

Lemon Inspired Kitchen Decor 
When I think of lemons I think of fresh aromas and a clean, refreshing atmosphere. I LOVE the idea of my kitchen having that same representation, especially when there's a thousand different smells that can come from there when cooking on a daily. I like getting decor that has a lemon theme because it reinforces that fresh aesthetic and there's so many different items you can get! Like a lemon print floor mat and matching curtains, picture frames with beautifully painted lemons and limes, or even just a bouquet of yellow flowers that match the theme. 

Personalized Champagne Flutes 
We all pop out the “good china” during special occasions and events in our homes. The next time you have something to celebrate, enjoy your drink in an elegant personalized champagne flute. They can create a classy vibe and add a whole new level to your decorating game with glasses that can say your family name or have an intricate design hand-picked by you! 

Big White Ceramic Bowls 
Every kitchen table can use a beautiful centerpiece! Try using a large ceramic bowl as a table piece that can hold fruit or non edible decor items. A white bowl can be an easy addition to any color theme and it can help add to a sophisticated, clean, and simple kitchen design.  

Whatever decor you end up using, make sure it's something that speaks to your style and the message you want to get across. Have fun decorating! 

 What type of kitchen decor item is your absolute fav?

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