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18 months of saving done in less than 1 hour!

Monday, November 09, 2009

This WAS my very first Back to Mac. If you don't know what Back to Mac is CLICK HERE. I saved all my empty containers since March 2008. Yes you heard me March 2008!!

At about 4:50 I went to the pro store in STC and picked out 2 lippies and my free item Play on Plums.

At the cash, instead of putting the goodies in my purse I opted for a bag.. WRONG MOVE!!

I walked around with the goodies in a bag(in hand) ..smiling at it ever 5 minutes because I could wait to get home and swatch the hell out of them!!

After parading about Payless..which is a whole other haul. My mom and I sat down in the mall waiting for my dad to pick me up..

Somewhere between the bench to inside my dads car the bag fell!! Yes you heard me again fell. I could have sworen I came into the van with the bag but after tearing up the seats.. and almost having a breakdown I came to the reliazation that it's in a better place (hopefully).

Has this ever happened to anyone?!?!? Maybe not $60.00 worth of MAC but have you lost something that you saved for??

Let me know below!


  1. are you sure you looked everywhere Jenn? Maybe it rolled to the front seats..?

  2. that sux!! I hope they're in a good place..poor babies!!

  3. Eternmai-I looked :( hopefully there with someone who needs it!

  4. I'm sorry that it happened. But it was a nice way to put it. Love your attitude.

  5. oh no!! Im pretty sure its happened to me :( this is why I now put all bags (that can fit) into my purse béc when im walking around the mall I dont realize if I put it down even for a second! I hope you just misplaced it!

  6. OMG that is so wrong in so many levels. I am so so sorry girl. If it makes you feel better I dropped my newly fresh blot powder and it completely shattered :(

  7. you have my condolences Jenn. :O(
    great spirit about it though. you probably blessed someone. i've had that happen to me when shopping w/ my kids. you know they wanna be all grown up & carry their own bag. they are so easily distracted & somex leave stuff. we have to retrace our steps. ugh. since then,
    i like a HUGE Aldi reusable shopping bag when I hit the mall. I put everything inside, although IDK if I would have been able to put all the shoes inside. It's the size of 2 large grocery bags. when I finally get your pkg off to you, I'll send you one. I don't think you guys have aldi up there.

  8. Awww!!! Bummer!! I hate when these things happen.. I constantly lose things, so I know how you feel.. :-/

  9. oh gosh Jen, that's sad...sorry about what happen, I know I'll go nuts esp the fact that it's MAC!

  10. omg that sucks =/ i feel your pain..

  11. That sucks!! So sorry to hear about that!! Hope that it'll turn up soon!

  12. Miss.Fab I explain my blog for You;):)
    I greeting You!


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