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under 16.00 Forever21 styling!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hey girlies!

I'm back again. I've had these pics stored on my cpu for a minute. My next styling with be H&M styling. I will do Everyday/business/crazy casual(there divided section). So they tuned for that because H&M is 70% of my Anyways back to forever21!

So yea..lets talk prices. These were all on SALE!!

HAT(Claires)= $3.50
TOP(Forever21)= $4.99
Earring(Dollar Store)=$1.00

I won't lie i'm working that highwaisted jeans! But I do feel they make your bum look flat at

Anyways let me know whats up girlies <3

What is one beauty product you can't leave your house without??

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mine is LIPGLOSS!!!

I don't care what brand as long as I have it I'm fine!

My lips can't be naked...Not only does it upset me but it makes feel "uncomfy"..LOL.

Let me know what yours is!!

maybe theres someone out there that shares my obsession...lmao.