Marcelle + NYX Matte Lip Cream + Self portrait

Hey Ladies!

It's been a while since I've done a self portrait. Believe it or not, I'm holding the camera with my right hand. I've perfected this because nobody has the patience to wait for me to take the perfect "shot". After 20 pictures this one was my favorite!

I'm not sure if you can see my clothing but I'm rocking my favorite Jessica Simpson denim vest with a long black tank.

I need to highlight my "Canadian eyes":
Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner - Midnight Black
Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara - Black

Marcelle (Canadian brand) has great EXTREME black liners and mascara.

I've been obsessed with reds this year. I think I should do a post on my favorites soon. Here I'm rocking NYX Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo.
I bought it at IMATS Toronto last year for $3.00.
If you are a matte lipstick wearer, I'd definitely recommend these.
Soft, creamy & long lasting.

Would you be interested in a favorite red lipstick post? 


  1. pretty!! love that lip color on you =)
    i'm the same way with pics.. it's not fun lol

  2. So happy and bright!
    Looks like you are ready for the lovely weather...if we start getting it soon (rain was supposed to be in april...may is for flower! lol)

  3. Love the idea of a red lipstick post!
    ps. you're so cute!

  4. gorgeous hun,love it it suits u<3

  5. This red lipstick is so pretty on you

  6. The lipsticks looks amazing on you <3

    x from germany =)

  7. You look gorgeous! I think you should definitely do a red lipstick favourites post! xx

  8. I'd be too shy in front of someone else & they'd have to be very patient, which is why I take my own pics. You look great! I love how you added the Canadian eyes, haha. I def have to try Marcelle's mascara if you say it's really black

    1. Thanks Saimese!
      You take great pics!!

  9. I've been wanting a NYX cream Lip cream so badly but I don't want to buy it online. Any suggestions?

  10. So pretty!! I'd love to see a post about your fave reds.

  11. this is a cute look. i'd love a favorite red lippies post because maybe i'll find one i'm brave enough to wear : )

  12. Awesome look. :]

    I'm going to have to get to IMATS early this year so I can pick up a few NYX items before the massive line starts. LOL

  13. Girl, you look fabulous! I'll like you, I took like a million shots and I'll only like 2 or 3 haha

  14. I think a lot of us take several pictures and end up with just a few me being one of them lol. Gorgeous look though babes! xo

  15. You're so gorgeous! <3

  16. I love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream on you!
    I just discovered it, and I have Monte Carlo as well, but just haven't found the opportunity to wear it yet.
    Lol.. it's going to be a long summer... i'll find a way!

    BTW, Where did you purchase yours? I had to buy mine online :(

  17. you are very pretty. Loving that NYX lipstick on you.

  18. Most of my pics are self portraits. LOL You are so right. NO one has the patience in my camp either. I love this red on you! I have a weakness for lip products. These have been on my WL for several months. LOL


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