Dove ClearTone + Let's talk underarms

One area of your body goes unnoticed daily. 
It's not done out of spite but if you live in Canada you would totally understand. 
Okay let me put it out there....

I'm talking about your

According to a study commissioned by Dove, 93% of women feel their underarms are unattractive and 1/3 go so far as buying tops with sleeves so they can hide their underarms.

As awkward as this post is, I can identify...

Dove ClearTone Deodorant

Dove® Clear Tone™ Deodorant with calendula and sunflower seed extracts moisturizes to accelerate the natural skin renewal process, helping to visibly reduce dark marks and even tone with regular use over time, while providing 24-hour odor and wetness protection.

My method of removal is shaving. Shaving changes the discoloration under your arms. 
It also can lead to dry flaky skin.

I want to embrace the cute new summer trends like neon dresses & pastel tanks. 
So I'm starting my Dove ClearTone regime asap.

 Twice a day: Morning & night.

Hopefully by the end of June I will see a difference.
I WILL NOT include a picture of my pits..I'll spare you of that..Haha

Question for you ladies:
How do you feel about your underarms?


  1. Hated them lol. I used to shave as well but started using a gentle hair remover (Palmers) and now the darkness has faded. I also exfoliate the area...great improvements

  2. i shave every now and again,im happy with my underarms as I always wear sleeveless tops hehe...gotta Love its my fave skincare brand for the body

  3. Ah the smell of Dove takes me back lol. Wonder if this is available in the UK if my laser hair removal doesn't improve my underarms I may invest!

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  5. This is a really interesting product!

    I actually feel fine about the appearance of my underarms, but I was battling a small issue just a few weeks ago. The amount of aluminum in deodorant really irritates my skin, so now I'm using Lavanila's "The Healthy Deodorant", from Sephora. It smells nice, but it doesn't last very long. I don't think it's going to hold me up throughout the summer, if you know what I mean. Maybe I should look into this product, especially since I love Dove!

  6. Lol well I only shave daily/ every day in the summer when you have to wear sleaveless tops.. nice post :) x

  7. Hmmm... I never noticed my underarms being dark? And I refused to review this product because Dove test on animals ):

  8. I never really had a problem with my pits lol. I love the scent of dove but their formula makes me itch :/

  9. I used to have very dark underarms, until I started exfoliating that area very well and using an all natural deodorant. It made a huge difference.

  10. OH MY GOSH! I don't hate my underarms as much as i used to before i started using the Dove Smooth stick to like remove bumbs and reduce stubble and stuff but I am reallllyyy interested in this product. Super excited to see how this turns out for you!

  11. LOL ..gotta love issues like this. I've seen this a few times, but haven't picked it up yet. I was using Dove's pomegranate stick for ages and it worked well, but I thought I'd give an aerosol a try. See if it made a difference.. this will be on my list once it's finished.

    I'll be bugging you in June to see how your results came out! LOL


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