Maybelline The Color Show Nail Collection Swatches

Have you ever tried to coordinate your outfit & nails?
Well Maybelline is making your life easier with their Colorshow nail lacquers!

Runway-Hot Shades. Show-Stopping Shine.

There are 40 gorgeous unique colors and finishes.
Here are swatches of the seven colors that I received:

Coral Crush.
Creamy Coral.
True to Bottle.
2 Coats.

Fuchsia Fever.
Bright Fuchsia Purple.
True to Bottle.
2 Coats.
*3 Coats is Ideal

Metallic Collection- Bold Gold
Metallic Gold
True to Bottle.
1 Coat.

Impeccable Greys
Deep Shiny Grey
True to Bottle
2 Coats

The Denim Collection
Styled Out
Blue with Micro Specks
True to Bottle
1 Coats
*2 Coats Ideal

Pink Shock
Hot Pink
True to Bottle.
2 Coats
*3 Coats Ideal

The Shredded Collection
Matte Black
1 Coat

It's been awhile since I've swatched polishes, I apologize if my application was wonky. 
Either way you got the idea. 

Coral Crush, Bold Gold & Styled Out are my favorites!

What color(s) do you like?


  1. Coral Crush is really pretty and I need to get Bold Gold!

  2. these colors are gorgeous!! i can't even pick a favorite!!

  3. Really liking htat coral crush!

  4. They are all great colors but the coral crush and bold gold are my favorites!

  5. Your nails are so pretty! I love the metallic best! I will definitely be looking to add these to my collection. Thank you for sharing.


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