imPRESS NAILS Press-On Pedicure & Nicole Scherzinger's Signature Series!

I know that some of you ladies are looking at the screen in disbelief. There is no rule stating you can't wear "press-on" nails on your toes. Being the curious blogger, I tried(the glue type) on my big toes.
 It didn't last long but here is an option that will.
The imPRESS Press-on pedicure is very similar to the manicure version:
  • Same Number System
  • Unique Styles
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
According to the labels they last up to a week. I'm going to try them out, once my traditional pedicure is on its last lap. Feel free to Facebook me or tweet me how it went if I don't get to post my review on here.

I also wanted to highlight this new pattern from Nicole Scherzinger's Signature Series: Don't Wanna. They kinda remind me of a stamping nail plate. If this one doesn't interest you, there are 6 patterns and 3 new neon colors. I took a simulated picture to show you what it would look like on.
The collection comes out in June 2012!

Check out my imPRESS nails review.


  1. I wold try the Pedi! since I dont change them as often

  2. I tried these from Prom in the french manicure design! But since I'm not a big fake nail person...I popped them off on my way to the Prom After Party. Lol. But they stuck on pretty well!You picked some pretty colors and designs though. Can't wait to read what you think! :)

  3. Love these! I picked up some of the new colors also!

  4. This seems interesting...its sounds good in theory will be looking for your updates to see how long they really last.



  5. I haven't tried any of these but I've seen them everywhere! I need tog et my hands on some!

  6. I think i'd be scared to try these because I'd be praying the whole time that they didn't pop off while I'm walking down the street. Just my luck..LOL They look cute tho!

  7. I wasn't impressed with the finger nail version... I can't imagine wearing these on my toes and having them pop-off


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