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NewYorkColor: Halloween Challenge #NYCbeautypro

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Did you know that my love of SFX makeup has lead me to blogging.
I love using makeup to create a fantasy and have fun.

This months theme is "Black Magic, Witch Craft and more..
Every year, I do something gory..BUT I decided to switch it up and go cutesy.
In other words.. I'm in the "more" section.. HAHAHA!
This look is EXTREMELY easy to do.
Get a headband with ears or DIY one!

How to Get the Look:
  • I took the HD Trio Eye shadow ($2.99 US) in Skyrise Steel(The darkest colour) and applied it on the tip of my nose and down to my cupids brow. I used the same palette to make the whiskers and highlight my inner eye (the silver). 
  • On my lips I used the Expert Last lip color ($1.99 US) in Red Rapture.
Final question:
Do I look like a cat, mouse or ?

1 comment:

  1. Cute look! I think you look like a cat, which is what i'm going to be. I think I will use my N.Y.C palette to create my look.


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