Let's talk: Wedding Invitations- Part #1

Let me start off by saying wedding planning is not as easy as it seems. 
Time really flies by quickly. My advice is start early and get help.
I do have a church, venue and food planned but everything else has not been determined yet. 

I did send out my Save the dates (in August) but now it's time to pick my invites. 
Did you know that some invites can cost you $600+? 

That's not including taxes and postage stamps. I fell in love with a letter press option from a local vendor but died a little inside when I seen the price for the amount of invites I wanted. 
That's when I decided to go online.

I've been blessed with a simple fiancĂ©. As long as it has the accurate information, he's on board.  
We actually found a cute gold pocket invitation on elegantweddinginvites.com
I had the opportunity to interview them to get answers to some questions.

What information should every wedding invitation include?

Since the wedding invitation is used for you to invite your guests to the wedding, the invitation should include the below info:
  • Bride’s and groom’s names
  • Wedding date
  • Time of ceremony
  • Location/address
Sometimes, the invites are sent out in the name of the couple’s parents, in that case, the parents’ names should also be included in the invitation.

When should you send out your save the dates & wedding invitations?
Generally speaking, save the date card should be sent out 5-6 months before wedding while the wedding invitations should be sent out about 2 months before wedding.

What information should be included a reception card?
Just like the wedding invitation, it should also include the bride’s and groom’s names, date and time for the reception party and the location of it.

The have a specialized page on their site which can help you with wording your invites.
Please join us
as we celebrate the union
of our lives and our families
Reception to follow the ceremony

More reception card examples

Why is it important that every bride gets a e-proof of their wedding invitations?

As for the eproof, it is necessary because every bride has her own expectation and requests about the invitation. The sample online cannot meet every bride’s request, so we need every bride to preview and check the eproofs before we print them out to make sure that the invitations are perfect.

I'll post part 2 soon.
Do you have any wedding invitation advice?

**I was given a choice of invitations from elegant wedding invites**

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