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As a new mom, the decision of where your baby should sleep is one of the most important ones. There are a lot of options out there! 
  • Do you want to put the baby in the crib?
  • A bassinet?
  • Or do you want to co-sleep?
Honestly researching all of them can make you go crazy! 
They all have their pros and cons.

When researching I had to think about what I wanted:
  • I wanted her close to me.
  • In her own space (but within fingers reach).
  • Something mobile! Whatever it might be -to be able to move to the other side of the bed (In case I want to put my husband on baby duty).
One of the options that kept on popping up was the HALO® Bassinests® . Have you heard of them? Their mission really spoke to me:
“Our mission is to make simple, innovative products that make safe sleep easier for you and more comfortable for your baby.” 

Did you know that newborns sleep 16-17 hours a day! 
Sleeping is such a big part of babies life. 

During my trip to buybuy BABY, I really wanted to get something that I knew that I would use daily for a few months. The HALO® Bassinest® seemed like the best choice! At the location that I went to they had two types which can accommodate your lifestyle. I chose the HALO® Bassinest® Essentia Series Swivel Sleeper. I wanted the 360 swivel. Glad I did because coming in and out of bed was so easy. I didn’t need to move the whole bassinet. Plus the movement is super smooth not jerky. If I had to move it while she was sleeping, she would never know.

Some other notables:
I love that it’s made out of mesh (breathable). Sometimes she just wants to know I’m there. Baby girl can look and feel comforted that I’m there. I know it sounds small...... BUT when your baby is whining- this makes a world of a difference

Also it’s the perfect height for my bed. So ideal right after you give birth. I was so achy..... I could only imagine having to go back and forth to the crib at night. Not ideal at all!

If you require extra features for your bassinet -Try the the top of the line HALO® Bassinest® Premier Series Swivel Sleeper. This has everything you could want.
  • Nightlight
  • Vibration/Soothing sounds/Lullabies
  • Nursing timer
I’m not going to lie. I didn’t get this one because I thought that I didn’t need the extra features. BUT on days when baby is fussy- I could totally go for vibration/soothing sounds/lullabies function. Or even the nightlight function.

Overall the HALO Bassinest was a great buy and I'd definitely recommend it.

When purchasing in-store at buybuy BABY there are a few things to consider:
Great registry!
Add it to your registry! Hopefully you can get it like a gift. Reminder- registry returns are hassle-free.
Price match!
All you have to do is present the competitor's ad/website to the cash register.
Knowledgable associates!
When I was there an associate presented me with the features for each bassinet. This allowed me to choose which I wanted based on my needs at that particular time.

Did you put your baby in a bassinet? 

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