UPDATE: She's here + Best advice for surviving your first month of motherhood

She’s here! I’m so excited! She’s absolutely beautiful! Everything I could’ve ever wanted and more. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to talk about my birth story. It didn’t go the way I wanted it to go. But there are more things to celebrate....Like a healthy happy and beautiful baby girl. One that smiles and kicks every morning. Ugh she’s so perfect!

One thing I will tell you if you are having your first child is that a STRONG support system is very important. In the delivery room, I was able to have my mom and my husband for moral support. ***I know some hospitals do not allow you to have more than one support person*... but if you can add people who will encourage and help you make decisions- I would do it. Now after it’s all said and done- it’s really important to lineup the proper AFTERCARE for at least a month. 

You need rest! 

I’m laughing as I write this on one hour of sleep but rest is needed. I'm being VERY candid right now but trust me... I’m telling you first hand. When you don't sleep your body aches and will be extremely out of whack. I’m talking about headaches, forgetfulness, blurry vision and also don’t forget- you just birthed child!!! I’m not trying to scare you. I’m just trying to say build up your network from now.

For example, try to get your mom to stay with you. If you’re lucky to have great in-laws try to get your mother in law to alternate. Switch it up! Just so no one gets burnt out. My husband and I are very lucky to have great people around us who made sure that baby girl gets everything that she needs.... especially if I’m not at my best. I also have to say my husband has been a great help as well. They get along so well. It’s so sweet to see!

If you have any advice for me as a first time mom- 
please leave it below!

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