Random Blog: What is one or two make up item you can't stop buying!

Mine is a combination of lippes and eyeshadows!

I have so much I threw away alot... I gave away alot..

But I can't stop buying..

I probably only got thru 2 or 3 lippies in my life!

I've never finished an eyeshadow!


So let me know what is one or two make up item you can't stop buying below!


  1. Lip glosssssss, I am a shocker!!!! But probably lipstick too!!! Oooh gosh no Jen, I don't stand a chance, my entry was hardly even smokeyyy!!! But thanks :)

  2. I can't stop buying eyeshadow!! I see something pretty and I'm like...Oh my gosh I have to have that!!

    Always! Even when I'm broke! LOL. It's really annoyinggggg. But I love it at the same time! I'm sure one of these days I'll outgrow my makeup drawers!

  3. The same! =D
    lmao. I don't need anymore lippies.
    Thank god they don't go bad after like 1-3 months...

  4. Lippies and still trying to find that perfect concealer!!

  5. omg Jenn, I can't stop buying nail polish. LOL also, striking pencils. i've got tons, but i can't seem to walk away if i see a new color i may not have for a good price. i'm sure i have enough e/s to last me beyond a year even if i wear a diff look everyday. i've got it bad. ugh. yes, i've discarded & gifted stuff i've been bored w/ or had dupes...but something has GOT 2 change

  6. Eyeshadow. I tell myself that if I buy the Coastal Scents 88 palette, I wont have to buy more eyeshadows for a while. But I know that even if I buy the palette, I still wont stop buying eyeshadows!

  7. I would definitely have to say eyeshadow...I don't even wear eyeshadow everyday lol!

  8. i've went through a loooot of lipglosses and i always buy them and eyeshadows too.. but i think ive only ever finished one eyeshadow pot lol


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