Dressing like Rihanna using $1.00 items!!!

Yup my inspiration was the lovely Rihanna. I think she's edgy, beautiful and a trend setter!

90% of the time she can be found dressed in black. I also saw a few recent pictures with her in jumpers!

So I decided to put the 2 together :)

I did a video on this but I never told you guys how much I got the items for BE prepared to freak out...

Jumper from Billibong $1.00 yes you heard me!!
$1.00!! from winners

Belt $1.00 from stitches on Orfus roadBangle and ring $1.00 each from H&M
The ring is "SAZZY" I love it!
Earrings are $1.00 from Le Chateau on Ofrus road
Smaller chain necklace/headband is $1.00 from H&M

The big one is the most expensive item at $14.90 from H&M

I'm sorry if I gave you guys heart attacks. Theses are all REAL prices from SALE sections in all of these stores.

Trust me I'm the best person to go shopping with because some how I find the deals!

Plus one of my mottos is DON'T buy it unless it's on SALE..lol

LOL I'm joking well no I'm not..really.

Let me know what you think below about my outfit and my "affordable" ways lol


  1. lol! Great bargains! =D
    I'm all for bargains especially since I'm in "broke-mode."

  2. I was honestly going to ask you where u find all these great bargains, but them I read Orfus Road. Wow I haven't shopped there in ages.

  3. we should shop together... i'm a deal finder too :)

    but lovely outfit!!!

  4. Those earrings are a steal!!!! Loves them!

  5. i love that jumperr :O im making my way over to orfus next weeeek! i really like the le chateau accesoriess, and the jeans at sirens are 10 dollars :O greatt deals!

  6. Omg, please go shopping with me? xD

    That are some awesome deals, girl!

  7. Love it!!! I love deals & sales!! First thing I look for is any clearances & sales. HAHA. I'm so in love w/accessories right now. HAHA. Awesome look. Love the necklace & bracelet. Thanks, for sharing!

  8. Wow-these are some of the best sales I've ever heard! I have to go shopping with you!

  9. $1?!?! holy shit!! great outfit!!


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