Affordable Must have E.L.F Daily Brush Cleaner

If you don't know already I'm a huge E.L.F fan.
You get affordable make-up that doesn't break the bank!

I was lucky to have the opportunity to have a few items sent to me by E.L.F :D

The first thing I'll be reviewing is the E.L.F daily brush cleaner:
"An anti-bacterial daily brush cleanser for quick cleaning in-between makeup applications. Disinfects brushes to provide a fresh and clean application every time. Helps to keep your brushes lasting longer for extended use." 

Brush cleaning is really hard to do when you have a full-time job.
Once you get home from work all you want to do is rest...

Having a daily brush cleaner is a life saver!! 
Right after I use the brushes, I immediately clean them. E.L.F brush cleaner. It's from the studio line and it costs $3.00 USA.

I actually did a video on this a while back with a mini tutorial. So enjoy!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review by E.L.F.


  1. i love this stuff! the shampoo is excellent as well. i just wish it came in a larger bottle. thanks for sharing.

  2. I bought this at winners and I really didn't like it, I'm just using it up to use the remainder of the product, but for me i feel like it doesn't do a very good job of cleaning brushes

  3. I should try this too! I've been using baby shampoo for quite a while...=/

  4. I just found a bottle of this at Winners this week! So far I like it! The spray on it is really nice getting the brushes saturated without being really messy! I wish they had added a nice smell to it though, but it does smell clean!

  5. Ok, now heading to lol


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