June Favorites!

1. E.L.F Daily Brush Cleaner: Daily Brush cleaner is great to use if you don`t have time to clean your brushes everyday! Once you finish using your brush, squirt some cleaner on a towel or tissue and wipe away. Here is a tutorial using the brush cleaner.

2. Coppertone Oil free Face sunscreen: I use sunscreen everyday! Perfect consistency and texture. Who cares what kind tone you have this is essential. Skin damage can cause damage, wrinkle or cancer... I don`t want ANY of those.

3. Palmers Cocoa Butter: This has been a staple in my life for years. I always try other products but I always come back to my good old cocoa butter lol

4. Annabelle Make up Wipes for eyes: I wear several coats of mascara & this product works the best to get it off. plus it fits perfect in a purse or make-up bag!

Have you tried any of my favorites?


  1. Oh Thx a lot, I didn't know ELF had a brush cleaner, it's a greattttttttttttt news.
    Have a good week end honey :)

  2. Great picks! Unfortunately, almost all the products you mentioned with the exemption of the Coppertone oil fee sunscreen aren't available in my country. Oh Elf is also available here. I think I shoul check if they have the brush cleaner. :D

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  4. I used that butter!!!!! It works!!!!


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