I really want one!

It`s a Small Freestyle Magnetic Palette! I think I will be able to use more of my non-mac shadows if I depot them and put them in here.

This one is off the Stars makeup haven site and goes for $14.00(small) and $19.00 (large).

Do you depot your shadow to keep them together?


  1. I like having my e/s in palettes. Some people don't b/c they can't see them. & they feel..."Out of sight, out of mind". I depotted all of my Milani Singles, NYX trios & L'Oreal HiP duos. I'm pleased w/ the ones that were able to fit in my MAC Palettes. The HiP duo depotting was not the best. Many of them cracked. *sad face*. I miss the containers, even though it freed up an entire drawer for more makeup. LOL I think I will continue to depot the ones that can fit in the MAC palettes. I don't plan to remove the insert. I would love a ZPalette @ some pt. :O)

  2. Oh I was talking about this today at the TBB brunch, I want the big one, but I'm not sure yet.

  3. Ooo thats pretty cool how you can put different shape pans in there.

  4. The colors look great. I need new eyeshadow colors.. I'm so boring..HAHHA!!


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