Huge Mac Brushes Haul :D

This haul is old but I really wanted to show it. Flash back to June.. I got two tickets to the MAC Sale & the girl I wanted to go with bailed.

Sad but determined I drove to Markham and stood in line for two hours alone :(

My number #1 priority was Brushes!!

From Left to right:
Eyes By Design Liner Brush

MAC 190 -Foundation Brush
Fibre: Firm synthetic with slip. 
Shape: Large, dense, flat paddle with chiseled tip.
Use: Application of emollient and water-based foundations, cheek colour, or skin treatments.

MAC 187-Duo Fibre Brush
Fibre: Extra-soft natural/synthetic blend.
Shape: Large, flat-topped, full circular.
Use: Lightest application of powder, emollient or water-based foundation and cheek products.

MAC 168- Large Angle Contour Brush
Fibre: Soft natural fibres firmly bundled for grab.
Shape: Large dense rectangle with fluffed angled tip.
Use: Application, sculpting, shaping and blending with powder products.

MAC 222- Tapered Blending Brush
Fibre: Soft natural with grab.
Shape: Tapered with rounded tip.
Use: Subtly shading and blending the crease line with powder shadow.

MAC 249- Large Shader Brush
Fibre: Medium-firm synthetic with slip.
Shape: Dense paddle with flat rounded tip.
Use: Applying any formula of emollient or water-based products.

MAC 231- Small Shader Brush
Fibre: Firm synthetic with slip.
Shape: Dense paddle with flat, round, chiseled tip.
Use: Precision application and blending of powder eye shadow or emollient-based products.

MAC 263- Small Angle Brush
Fibre: Medium-firm synthetic with slip.
Shape: Flat rectangle with angled tip.
Use: Lining or shading the eye or eyebrow. Use with powder, emollient or water-based products.

Oh soo soft :)
Have you tried these before?


  1. i still don't own any MAC brushes. i need to get it together.

  2. I've been waiting for this haul since you mentioned you're gonna get some brushes back in June lol. Ahh... This is amazing. Did you get a good deal? We didn't have any of these on Sunday! I gotta check out the Friday/Satuday sale next time!

    Very very nice haul girl!


  3. sweet haul. i only have MACSE brushes. :O)
    I have been eyeing the 217, 222 & 224 though.
    Thanks for sharing Jenn.

  4. Nice haul!!! Love the brushes! I need to get some more MAC brushes because I hear that their quality is great...can you believe my whole kit only has 2 brushes and I don't own any for personal use lol

    ~KT Makeup

  5. I need to own more MAC brushes! I'm going to try to purchase some next month.


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