Bare it this summer with Nair Products

I received a lovely basket from Nair a few weeks ago and I want to share the contents with you all. Summer is coming and we all know what happens... the clothes get smaller and smaller. These are some NEW Nair products which can dramatically cut down your Grooming time.
Nair® Tahitian Blooms Legs & Body Wax Strips
The cello-backed strips follow body contours for easy hair removal that is effective even on short hair for long lasting results up to 4 weeks. The wax contains 24% moisturizing agents with a soothing gardenia scent.
 Nair® Au Naturel Citrus Roll-on
This 100% rinseable formula is a refreshing and gentle on the skin. The wax coats the entire hair, making it easy to remove at the root without damaging the skin for long lasting smoothness.The wax is dermatologist tested and the ergonomically shaped bottle makes waxing a breeze. Plus the outer packaging doubles as a tray for mess free application.
Nair® Shower Power For Men- For Body
Nair® Shower Power For Men removes hair from chests, backs, legs and arms in as little as 3 minutes. The specially designed sponge is included for effective hair removal.
Nair® Ultra Precision Face & Eyebrow Roll-on
It is gentle on delicate skin and with the precise wooden spatula, provides the perfect finishing touch. This wax is a 100% rinseable formula that is gentle and effective. The wax coats the hair for easy removal with the cloth strips provided. It is perfume free and made with softening lily.
My favorite product was Nair® Ultra Precision Face & Eyebrow Roll-on because as a blogger the brows/above the lip needs to be in tip top shape LOL

I can`t believe I showed that picture but  HD cameras show every single hair! I refuse to hide the truth.

So ladies,
Which product do you want to try this summer?


  1. sounds great!e eyebrow roll on I would love to try it

  2. I didnt know there was a men's line in Nair... good stuff! Thanks. :)

  3. Will keep an eye out for the face kit, looks interesting and definitely worth a shot. :]

  4. I actually really wanted to try that roll-on one, I have the professional wax pot at home, but I never use it to wax my legs, this seems so much cleaner! Let me know how you like it!!



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