Tips to create a great blog

In January, I achieved my goal of 1,000+ followers on blog. Extremely exciting but all of that didn't come easy. Whether these individuals who are following me now are current readers or not.. I know at one point and time all these individuals supported me. I'm thankful for that!

When I started blogging two years ago there was no guide or assistance for new bloggers like me. Everything was fresh and definitely confusing. Let me start off my saying... I'm NOT a know it all..just a girl who wants to share some insight. Whether your a new blogger starting out or a someone who needs direction, this is great information that I know will help.
  1. Social Networks are your friend: Facebook, Forums and Twitter are essential for promoting your blog. Twitter is my favorite because I post all my blog posts as short teaser tweets. My followers have the option of retweeting to their followers. Which results in a growth in your network.
  2. Follow other blogs with similar interest: Let's face it everyone can benefit from a little support. I have to stress that support doesn't always mean a comment on your post but the act of just reading and sharing is great.
  3. Credit other bloggers when you use their ideas:  Crediting your post is flattering my opinion and I'm more likely to show others your blog. Which results in a growth to your network.
  4. Don't take hateful comments to heart: This is definitely easier said than done. Recently I had to deal with this and I didn't take it But I know with one hater there will be 100 supporters.
  5. Most importantly don't look at comment numbers: Although you may have worked hours..weeks..maybe months on a particular post don't feel discouraged if the comment section is bare. Some of my most viewed posts are stuff I wrote 2 years ago!
To reinforce my opinions I contacted some of my favorite bloggers from USA, UK & Canada far advice.

Shirley from Meek-n-Mild:
Have fun Posting, it's your own creative space! Blogging is meant to be fun, so don't take it too seriously!
Farah from Facesbyfarah:
Keeping your paragraph's and posts short and engaging is key. Also think outside the box when It comes to topics, images and design. It will help set you apart.
 Michelle from Lipstick Rules:
Don't worry about numbers and to focus on content and finding your 'voice' online.
Rai from Glam Morena:
If you're a newbie blogger. Focus more on building your blog and a good relationship with your readers.
Alicia from Funny Face Beauty:
You are your own best promoter. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and your blog to other bloggers and/or people in the beauty industry. Be genuine, but let others know you are out there.
Joy from Makeup Junkie
Ignore numbers, stats, and haters! Can't please everyone!

Amazing advice! I hope this helps.


  1. Congratulations & this was an excellent post! :)

  2. this is a really great post! some great advice given

  3. Wonderful insight! Thanks :)

  4. Great post Jenn, very useful for new bloggers (:

  5. These tips are great. It is always nice when people share info without making it complicated. congrats on your followers too.

  6. these are great tips, thanks so much : )

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