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Five Ways to Get a Wardrobe on a Budget from buy/sell groups online

Let me start off my stating that I'm not employed by any social media platform like Facebook BUT if there is a deal online.. be sure that I'll find it! *TWO SNAPS*

The rise of Facebook groups.

Did you know that your next outfit might be on facebook? Hear me out! 
Have you ever checked out the Marketplace or a FB clothing group? 

Easy ways to save money on your vacation

One of the best things I did in my 20's was travel with my husband! Thankfully the beach was one of our passions so we had a lot of fun in Jamaica (multiple times), Cuba, Dominican Republic and Bahamas. I can admit that if it wasn't for these tips we would never have saved as much money as we did.  FYI if you missed my Four Tips to Help you Plan your Next Island Vacation post... get on it.

Let me explain......

Four Tips to Help you Plan your Next Island Vacation

Often times people leave from the comfort of their home for vacation, honeymoon or just to get away. These trips can be stressful, if you have never been to a certain location before.

Uvero Alto, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
I love traveling and I'm lucky to have a partner that feels the same!
These tips will help you take advantage of the good points about travel and prepare you for your trip.

Vacations Must Haves: Dove, Korres & Tend Skin

As I pack, I think it would be best to document it!
It may help someone who has to pack for a trip soon or for myself in the future.

Here are three essentials that NEED to be in your suitcase if your taking a trip to the Caribbean. 
I usually try to bring trial sizes but these are the exceptions. 

Tips to create a great blog

In January, I achieved my goal of 1,000+ followers on blog. Extremely exciting but all of that didn't come easy. Whether these individuals who are following me now are current readers or not.. I know at one point and time all these individuals supported me. I'm thankful for that!

When I started blogging two years ago there was no guide or assistance for new bloggers like me. Everything was fresh and definitely confusing. Let me start off my saying... I'm NOT a know it all..just a girl who wants to share some insight. Whether your a new blogger starting out or a someone who needs direction, this is great information that I know will help.
  1. Social Networks are your friend: Facebook, Forums and Twitter are essential for promoting your blog. Twitter is my favorite because I post all my blog posts as short teaser tweets. My followers have the option of retweeting to their followers. Which results in a growth in your network.
  2. Follow other blogs with similar interest: Let's face it everyone can benefit from a little support. I have to stress that support doesn't always mean a comment on your post but the act of just reading and sharing is great.
  3. Credit other bloggers when you use their ideas:  Crediting your post is flattering my opinion and I'm more likely to show others your blog. Which results in a growth to your network.
  4. Don't take hateful comments to heart: This is definitely easier said than done. Recently I had to deal with this and I didn't take it But I know with one hater there will be 100 supporters.
  5. Most importantly don't look at comment numbers: Although you may have worked hours..weeks..maybe months on a particular post don't feel discouraged if the comment section is bare. Some of my most viewed posts are stuff I wrote 2 years ago!
To reinforce my opinions I contacted some of my favorite bloggers from USA, UK & Canada far advice.

Shirley from Meek-n-Mild:
Have fun Posting, it's your own creative space! Blogging is meant to be fun, so don't take it too seriously!
Farah from Facesbyfarah:
Keeping your paragraph's and posts short and engaging is key. Also think outside the box when It comes to topics, images and design. It will help set you apart.
 Michelle from Lipstick Rules:
Don't worry about numbers and to focus on content and finding your 'voice' online.
Rai from Glam Morena:
If you're a newbie blogger. Focus more on building your blog and a good relationship with your readers.
Alicia from Funny Face Beauty:
You are your own best promoter. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and your blog to other bloggers and/or people in the beauty industry. Be genuine, but let others know you are out there.
Joy from Makeup Junkie
Ignore numbers, stats, and haters! Can't please everyone!

Amazing advice! I hope this helps.

Helpful IMATS Tips!

IMATS is here!! November 6 & 7 at Toronto Congress Centre.
This is my second time going and I have some helpful tips that may help a newbie!

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IMATS Tip 1:
Shop your stash!
Find out what you need and want to get before you go. This eliminates coming home disappointed.

IMATS Tip 2:
Bring Cash!
This helps you to budget your purchases and save!

IMATS Tip 3:
Follow MakeupArtistmag & other exhibitors on twitter/facebook!
They usually tweet/facebook the deals their bringing to IMATS. Perfect for planning head!

IMATS Tip 4:
Know the schedules of the presenters.
Last thing you want to do is miss an presentation! I'd advise you to print it out or save it on your phone.

IMATS Tip 5:
Have fun and meet new people!
Last year I met some amazing girls and I know I will again this year :)