Helpful IMATS Tips!

IMATS is here!! November 6 & 7 at Toronto Congress Centre.
This is my second time going and I have some helpful tips that may help a newbie!

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IMATS Tip 1:
Shop your stash!
Find out what you need and want to get before you go. This eliminates coming home disappointed.

IMATS Tip 2:
Bring Cash!
This helps you to budget your purchases and save!

IMATS Tip 3:
Follow MakeupArtistmag & other exhibitors on twitter/facebook!
They usually tweet/facebook the deals their bringing to IMATS. Perfect for planning head!

IMATS Tip 4:
Know the schedules of the presenters.
Last thing you want to do is miss an presentation! I'd advise you to print it out or save it on your phone.

IMATS Tip 5:
Have fun and meet new people!
Last year I met some amazing girls and I know I will again this year :)


  1. Great tips! Really helpful post for those going to IMATS. Have fun!

  2. Have fun! I wish I could go too but IMATS are always around the busiest times for uni students :(

  3. Hey great tips!! Lovely blog Jennifer...Try checking out mine.

  4. I wish I was going... yet again! bah I miss all the good stuff

  5. I really wish I could go. IMATs seems to be amazing

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