Balmshell Cosmetics: How to you feel about Cheek / Lip Tints?

Lately I have been looking for other ways to explore colors out of my comfort zone. The easiest way is to play with finishes.

Tints is something I usually don't choose because of my skin tone.. I really have to get out of that mentality because WOC can wear anything.

One of my favorite Tint's is from Balmshell.
  • It can be used for lips & cheeks
  • Gel based
  • built-in antibacterial sponge applicator
Applied 3 times.. smudge out to get a "rosy glow"

How to you feel about Cheek / Lip Tints?


  1. I have this! I love the colour but man you have to be a fast blender or else you get streaks! I still take the time to do it though because I love tints! :)

  2. Honestly, I don't think it would work on my oily skin. It would just 'slip' off my cheeks :-(

  3. I love tints. My favorite is by Benefit and that reminds me, I'm running low! Better pick up a new bottle. :)

  4. I like this as a blush base but I find myself using it more to stain my lips.

  5. I absolutely love Beaute's Fluoron! It is like sunshine in a tube! It is a little bright for my pale skin, but used sparingly it is amazing!!


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