Acid Washed Jeans: Yay or Nay?

I'm a big believer of switching up your wardrobe. What's the worse that can happen?!? 

On one of my rampant shopping trips, I stumbed upon these acid washed jeggings for $5.00.

I love them! 

In the picture above I paired them with a silk top & blazer :)

My question for you is: 
How do you feel about acid washed jeans?


  1. first off...they were 5bucks?! major score! XD
    second, I think as long as a person is comfortable, meh to what I think. But I wouldn't mind adding something acid washed to my wardrobe one day :P

  2. Wow, that's a deal! I like them, and for $5, even more! I bought jeggings a few months ago, and thought I wouldn't like them. They are comfortable, and they're my alternative to my fanatic leggings issue. HAHA.

  3. I think as long as you can rock it, and make it work, then why not?

    For me, acid wash jeans is not something that would work in my wardrobe. I'm married to my dark wash jeans!

  4. i agree with the other ladies, as long as you can make them work, that's all that matters. i have a pair of those in that color, as well as a purple acid wash pair.

  5. $5 is a steal. I love the look on other people, but for me I tend to only weak dark jeans. I'd try it though if I could find a pair I liked.

  6. i love acid wash jeans, they add funk to any outfit :)! and where do you get such bargains?!


  7. YAY YAY YAY! Ive actually had to refrain from buying MORE acid washes! I love it! You got a steal, Im jealous!


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