Five Ways to Get a Wardrobe on a Budget from buy/sell groups online

Let me start off my stating that I'm not employed by any social media platform like Facebook BUT if there is a deal online.. be sure that I'll find it! *TWO SNAPS*

The rise of Facebook groups.

Did you know that your next outfit might be on facebook? Hear me out! 
Have you ever checked out the Marketplace or a FB clothing group? 

It's the perfect opportunity for you to buy and sell items to update your wardrobe. The items that you get there are both new/gently used. Plus you can negotiate price and connect with some really cool people. Interested?

Here tips for picking up or selling your item. 

  1. Always go to a busy place to buy or sell: Try a Tim Hortons or mall. If you live on the subway line. I would even suggest that because you can hop on and hop off without having to pay an extra fee. Never go to anyone's house ALONE without taking a buddy with you.... And even then I would still tell you to stay away from that. 
  2. Always examine the item before you pay. PLUS always read the listing fully. I had a situation where I was selling an item that was in storage for a bit..... so it had a few marks on the bottom. The person who wanted the box told their significant other to pick it up BUT did not tell them about the blemishes. He didn't take it and ended up wasting my TIME!
  3. As a buyer- Don't lowball.  It's cool to negotiate but if the person is not interested in YOUR "new price" please don't get mad. 
  4. As a seller: Read the full rules of the group. Bump your post up as much as you can. It's a gentle reminder that the item is still available.
  5. As a seller: If possible, meet the buyer half way: If you really want to sell this might be your best alternative!

Have you sold/bought anything on a social network before?
Share your experience in the comments!

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