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Easy ways to save money on your vacation

One of the best things I did in my 20's was travel with my husband! Thankfully the beach was one of our passions so we had a lot of fun in Jamaica (multiple times), Cuba, Dominican Republic and Bahamas. I can admit that if it wasn't for these tips we would never have saved as much money as we did.  FYI if you missed my Four Tips to Help you Plan your Next Island Vacation post... get on it.

Let me explain......

Four Tips to Help you Plan your Next Island Vacation

Often times people leave from the comfort of their home for vacation, honeymoon or just to get away. These trips can be stressful, if you have never been to a certain location before.

Uvero Alto, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
I love traveling and I'm lucky to have a partner that feels the same!
These tips will help you take advantage of the good points about travel and prepare you for your trip.

I'm Back from Jamaica + Rant + New year Resolutions

I'm kinda sad to be back in Canada but life goes on. Let me explain.. I love being in the presence of family(even if they drive me insane). I am quite fortunate that both my mother and father family lives in the area where I stayed. All and all it was super fun going to parties, unlimited drinks, going to the beaches, eating yummy food, visiting family and meeting new people BUT that can't be my life (for an extended period of time.)

Canada is my home and I've been living this lifestyle for almost 25 years now.. (No flying roaches, overly begging people & bugs that eat you alive!!)

Enough ranting! How have you all been. I've missed like over 500+ blog posts from you guys. I'm slowly catching up! I also owe 2 people packages. I was soo busy getting ready for vacation that I forgot to send before I left!

Back to the vacation stuff. Do you guys wanna see some pictures from it? I took some lovely scenery ones!

This is personal but I REALLY wanna share my 2010 Resolutions!

  1. Read a book EVERY MONTH. (please send your suggestions along)
  2. Lose 9 more pounds. ( I did well in Nov & Dec losing 10 pounds, so why not keep it up)
  3. Take better cake of myself. ( more mani & pedi's out and at home :) ...stuff like that)
  4. Drive longer distances (Hopefully I'll be more confident to drive to Brampton)
  5. Reconnect with some friends & new family members.
Thanks for reading :)