But I wanted Ombre Hair!!!

Last week Sunday (Thanksgiving) after ogling over ombre hair for hours I made the decision to visit my local Beauty Supply Store. I knew exactly what I wanted BLOND!

One thing to know about me is that I'm usually a NOT risk taker. Basically I'm the "analyzer" of my friends. The one who over thinks and gives out rationale advice...*Raises hand*

So, buying a lightener was a HUGE thing. I went back and forth with myself for hours after buying the dye. My biggest fear was what if It came out hideous!!
As usual my BF assured me that everything would be ok. I'm not sure if he really agreed or was just being comforting! LOL
My goal was the copper not the super bleached ends. 
I felt like that would look best on my skin tone.


Its crazy how a little copper can look so great!
 Different lighting

I kept the bleach in for 45 mins. 
I really should have keep it in longer but I was scared LOL

Next time I'll go MUCH lighter :D


  1. Ahh I've longed for ombre hair but as I'm trying to repair I'm holding back.

    It looks fabulous on you though sweetheart xoxo

  2. I've been wanting to color my hair for quite some time and I didn't have the slightest clue as to what I wanted ie highlights or all over color.I think I have the perfect idea now! Thanks so much for this post! I love your results!!

  3. Finally someone explained to me what ombre hair is, i've been doing this for years but have always called it something different. I'm also a wigmaker, chack out my Blog to see my latest custom lace front.

  4. I think if and when I get a weave, I'll ombre it. I really like the look but I'm not taking the chance with my natural hair.

  5. It looks good Jen u have me feening lol


  6. ombre is so in right on... we see it everywhere, on nails, hair, lips... everything!

  7. Its looks so lovely!

    Youve inspired me to take the plunge, as all the tutorials i saw on the blogospere were of girls with naturally brown hair, I really wanted to see how it would turn out on dark hair before I tried it on my naturally black hair,
    so thankyou!!


  8. I always like the ombre look but I could never do it myself, your are very brave... I am just too scared, but you did a very good job.

  9. I want ombre hair so bad as well! I'm just scared to bleach my hair!!

    Yeah, next time totally leave it in a little longer! I can barely see the effect now :P

    Missing Amsie Blog

  10. Congrats! It looks gorgeous on you!

    I understand THE FEAR. I am about to bleach my whole head and then do a Manic Panic dye job. I have such "mom" hair--at 41, my hair is more salt than pepper and just....meh.

    So, inspired by Katy Perry at the VMA's I have pink & purple hair dye to use after I bleach. If I can just get up the c-c-c-c-courage lol. And actually it will be my husband doing it--he helped our daughter dye the ends of her hair purple for homecoming LOL.

    *Applause* I feel braver now!

  11. So great! I tried the ombre look once but almost went crazy with the dark roots. I think this looks great on you. Would love to see even more copper on the ends.

  12. Your hair looks gorg! I wanna try it but I'm scared!

  13. You must be very brave if you just picked up a dye and decided to experiment, I've had some bad experiences doing that LOL so I've stuck with the exact same colour for quite a few years now. Love how it turned out tho, it's def much lighter considering the original colour. I think it suits you much better!! xx


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