MUST HAVE: Hawaiian Tropic® Sunscreen Lotions

I'm going on a vacation for my birthday! I'm excited.

One of the most important things to bring with me will be sunscreen. As a WOC I am still prone to sunburns and skin cancer. For the past three weeks, I have been trying out brands to bring with me.

I am looking for a brand that has a few things:
  • Pleasant scent
  • High SPF
  • Light weight
The Hawaiian Tropic® does it. 
Plus they have something for everyone!

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect SPF 30
Uses mica mineral shimmer to highlight skin tone, allowing you to look your best while keeping your skin safe from the sun.
This one is the most glamorous of the bunch. Did you know that gold shimmer is the perfect way to hide skin imperfections! Try it on your stretch marks and scars.

Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration™ Sunscreen Lotion
The unique hydrating ribbons replenish moisture for up to 12 hours, allowing you to pamper your skin while providing protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.
If you find sunscreen dries out your skin, try this one!
 The moisturizing swirls really helped my legs from not drying out through out the day.
I should add that the hydrating ribbons are infused with silk protein and shea butter.

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 85 Sunscreen Lotion
To ensure maximum protection from the sun’s intense rays, this surprisingly lightweight sunscreen provides photostable UVA and UVB protection while seducing senses with its signature tropical fragrance.
I'm bringing this one for sure because it's light weight, waterproof and grease free. 
A little bit goes a LONG way.

 I'm happy that these have that signature Hawaiian Tropic® coconut fragrance.
Prices range from $9.99 to $11.99 CDN.

Do you wear sunscreen daily?


  1. I never go without sunscreen. My fav for the Body is Rexall's Sun Assist- oil free, coconut twist. Lovely smell!! I am going to check out a few of your choices.

  2. Thanks for this post Jennifer. I wear sunblock daily as I have very sensitive skin and burn in like 2 minutes :/

    I'm running outta my Neutrogena spray body shield so I will try this one next, the coconut smell sounds amazing. The SPF85 is definitely coming home with me.

    1. I agree about the 85. I'll be done that one by the end of the summer lol

  3. Hmmm I use Neutrogena age face shield. I've always looked at Hawaiian tropic but never bought it since I'm so used to Neutrogena. I would however like something lighter. I'll have to try this out. I see duane reade has a brand named 'prevail'. I also want to try that. Thanks for the review.

  4. Great post Jen, The shimmer effect one looks fabu. definitely gonna try it if I can find it here because this summer in Jamaica will be no joke :)


  5. My skin thanks you! I am the sunscreen queen. I tend to burn very easily so it is a must for me. I wish more black women would realize how important sunscreen is and use it! Maybe now, they will.

  6. I always use sunscreen on my face but only use it on my body when I go on holiday. I'm always cold, so I'm almost always in long pants and long sleeve shirts (year round!) unless I plan on being outside the whole day.


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