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Currently Obsessed: Nivea’s Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes

I don’t think I will ever not be obsessed with makeup wipes. They’re convenient and easy to use. Although I have so many makeup-removing methods to choose from melting cleansers to soaked cotton squares…nothing does the trick like wipes.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Booster - Tired Skin

Earlier this year, my skin was in shambles. I was trying out a new product for the blog which made my skin go haywire( I will not be showing pictures of this). I knew that something wasn't right but I didn't want to stop due to it's "benefits". I know some of y'all are shaking your head right now. Once I stopped using it.. all the impurities came to the top of my skin. It was not cute... I really needed something to get rid of them. That's when I found SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Booster - Tired Skin ($26.00 CAN).

I literally went out on a limb with this product. Skin boosters are on the rise. Think of it as a shot of minerals for your skin to improve complexion. I'm in love. This product was extremely gentle for sensitive skin users like me.

One of the main ingredient is  a high concentration of magnesium.
Which can reduce signs of fatigue and brighten your complexion.

How to?
  • Use in 14-day cycles at each change of season.
  • Using the dropper take five drops- mix it with your cream/makeup or use it on it's own.
    This can be used morning or night. 

The only picture I have on my phone which show cases my skin.

LANEIGE comes to Canada

Laneige is a Korean skincare brand which recently launched at Sephora. It's inspired by purity and the gift of life. With two decades of research under their belt, they discovered the advantages of skin-perfecting mineral water.
Laneige is meant to do three main things to your skin: hydrate, protect and revitalize!

I fell in love with the line. So many innovative products to try out for the new year! The biggest pros for me is that the line is dermatologist tested, does not test on animals or has any animal-derived ingredients in the skincare.

These three products are most haves for the new year!

Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel ($29.00 CAN)
Gentle exfoliator for smooth skin.
Use it once or twice a week. The coolest part is that it actually contains yogurt: Sogurty™. It's a fermented yogurt that offers your skin anti-inflammatory advances and soothes/calms skin while making collagen production.

More note worthy ingredients:
  • For skin polishing there is natural Konjac beads and chestnut extract to remove dead skin
  • Extracts of raspberry, blueberry, wolfberry, cranberry and strawberry.
  • Multiberry Complex which contains nutrients & antioxidants to protect skin.
How to:
  • Wet face
  • Massage product all over face
  • Rinse off with warm water
Deep Pore Cleansing Foam ($29.00 CAN)
Perfect for deep cleaning! My girls with oil-prone complexions will really benefit from this one. Cleanses your skin without striping it of moisture. It's infused with Melia Azadirachta Extract Water. Which is really good for clogged pores.

More note worthy ingredients:
  • Natural Moroccan Clay to absorb oil
  • Salicylic Acid as an anti-inflammatory 
  • Keratinase is a natural exfoliating enzyme
  • Dispense it in your hands
  • Add water
  • Make it lather
  • Massage all over face- including problematic areas
  • Rinse off with warm water
Brightening Sparkling Water Foam Cleanser ($30.00 CAN)
This product is everything- probably my favourite from all the products I tried! I sound crazy but this product makes washing your face fun. The consistency is a thick foam infused with sparkling water. Optimal for deep cleansing. It's really light and helps clogged pores. Contains five multi-fruit AHA’s that do four things: exfoliate, brighten, detoxify, and purify.

  • Shake it well
  • Dispense the foam in your hands to dry face
  • Apply in a circular motion
  • Rinse off with warm water


Currently Obsessed- SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque

Is anyone as surprised how quick the weather changed in Canada?
It's insane! I haven't even had time to find my boots yet.

Sudden change in weather is always evident in your skin.
Right now, one product really impressed me.

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque SRP $64.00
Inspired by the award-winning Hydrating B5 Gel, this highly concentrated masque infuses dehydrated and stressed skin with optimal amounts of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to replenish depleted moisture levels.
One of the key ingredients in it is of course vitamin B5. B5 is an essential vitamin for healthy skin. Definitely, one that you need to add to your diet!

I took a quarter sized amount and put in all over my face.
Waited 10-15 minutes then rubbed it into my skin.

Instant hydration

I should also add that this product has hyaluronic acid. This acid when used on you skin over time will make it appear smooth and youthful. Another bonus!

Have you tried any great masks lately?

Skin Care: Eucerin, Simple & Olay

I love Summer skin! It's always golden and evenly toned.
 A lot of people don't know that after a day in the sun you need to put back the moisture into your skin.

Hydration is key! 

I also exfoliate and tone (time to time) but this post will be 
about my current favourite moisturizer and cleansers.

Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Mild Cleansing Lotion($11.76 CAN):
The Mild Cleansing Lotion with its very effective yet extra mild nature-derived cleansing complex removes make-up effectively & protects the skin from drying out.

Why I like it:
  • Removes makeup dirt & oil.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Fragrance-free.

Simple Foaming Cleanser ($7.99 to $10.00 CAN):
Our Foaming Cleanser is a perfect blend of skin-loving ingredients and Pro-Vitamin B5 to remove impurities and remaining traces of makeup. Your skin will feel cleansed, refreshed and moisturized. Perfect even for sensitive skin.

Why I like it:
  • It's foamy.
  • Has vitamins which are good for the skin.
  • Noncomedogenic.

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! Satin Finish Lotion ($14.99 US):
Fresh and feather-light, get the rich hydration of a lotion but with the lightweight feel of a gel. Now your skin is soft and smooth for up to 24 hours.

Why I Like it:
  • It's light.
  • Doesn't make me oily.
  • A little goes a long way.

If you see any of these products in store, try them out!
Have you tried anything from these brands?

Fight Bacteria with GoSwipe

I'm obsessed with my phone, I bring it everywhere! I swear it's like a third limb to me. 
If I forget it, I'm feel completely empty.. Haha!

You would never believe how many germs are currently your phone. I once read an article stating that your phone as the same amount of germs as a toilet seat.