Fight Bacteria with GoSwipe

I'm obsessed with my phone, I bring it everywhere! I swear it's like a third limb to me. 
If I forget it, I'm feel completely empty.. Haha!

You would never believe how many germs are currently your phone. I once read an article stating that your phone as the same amount of germs as a toilet seat.

Think about that.. 

You put it near your mouth daily. With Fall/Winter rolling around this is something that should be taken seriously! I was pitched a product called GoSwype for my phone:

Its a microfiber cleaning cloth
-Kills up to 98% of germs and bacteria
-Removes finger prints oils and dirt
-Comes in cute prints

Ladies who wear foundation daily, you may have realized that one size of your face breaks out more than the other.


Have you considered your phone as a culprit? These come in a reusable sleeve so that they don't get contaminated. I'm soooo sorry to gross you all out but these are some important things to think about this fall/winter season.
 Do you clean your phone daily?


  1. I wipe it down with alcohol daily but I use my speaker/headphone feature more than actually having the phone to my face. With touchscreen phone your hands are constantly bringing more germs to your phone.

  2. this is awesome i want to try, i use antibacterial wipes for mine

  3. Thats great I'm always cleaning my phone with wipes after I go out lol


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