World MasterCard Fashion Week: Holt Renfrew, Pink Tartan & Pavoni

World MasterCard Fashion Week kicked off to a great start. Designers from day 1 were Holt Renfrew, Pink Tartan & Pavoni. I was able to go backstage and get the scoop from Grace Lee, lead makeup artist Maybelline New York Canada and Jorge Jao, Redken's Lead Artist on the looks/inspiration for the show.

Holt Renfrew
Holt Renfrew decided to do something different this time around. They decided to make their collection based on what is available this season! Basically you could shop what you want off the runway. The look is wearable for everyday. Nothing over the top or overly glam. Grace Lee calls it "The Holt Renfrew it girl" look.
Cat eyes mascara
Expert wear eyeshadow Nutmeg & Taupe
Gel liner
Fit me foundation
Darker fit me power for contour
Color Whispers Mocha Muse

Pink Tartan
Pink Tartan's look was all about the girl. Natural and effortless. Bare nails, lips and face. Best part about it, Grace did most of the look with her hands. I also spotted the Beauty blender sponge!

I love this picture I took of Supermodel Charlotte Free getting her makeup done by Grace for the Pink Tartan Show. How cute is her pink hair!
BB cream
Boucy blush- coffee cake pink plum
Baby lips as a highlight, eye lids and lips
Eye Brows
Great Lash clear mascara
Define a brow pencil
Color Whispers Peddle Rebel

The lashes are curled in three steps: Root, middle & tips.

I think Pink Tartan had my favourite hair because it's something that I can do!
Jorge Jao, Redken's Lead Artist described it as "Very Playful, very natural with texture."
We created a dramatic left side part and pinned up with side sweep. Then we added texture with a 11/4 inch curling iron, setting it with Iron Shape 11 and applying the iron shape into each section, and then spiral-wrapping vertically using big sections. Then we worked our way around the head spraying Shine Flash 02 into our hands and raking through the waves to create a beachy-type texture. We finished the look with Wax Blast 10.
 Here is Charlotte Free's finished look with hair & makeup.
We created a foundation at the crown of the head and then wrapped textured pieces around the foundation to give us a textured buffant with a left side part.  

I had the opportunity to be seated by Maybelline for the Pavoni show. I was honestly blown away. My pictures do not do the collection ANY justice. 


  1. I love the fact that Grace is using a Beauty Blender! lol

  2. Love this! The Pink Tartan look is so adorable :)

  3. great soft looking makeup!

  4. I love the Pink Tartan look, Charlotte Free is so beautiful.

  5. ughhh, Pavoni's stuff is always sooo gorg <3 Love it the post!

  6. ughh the Pavoni collection is always sooo gorg <3 Love the post! Monday was definitely I great day at Fashion Week!

  7. Love the makeup looks! Btw have tagged u on my blog hun x


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