Bio Seaweed Gel Nails

Have you ever heard of Bio Seaweed Gel Nails?
It's a revolution in nail gel polish that rivals all other brands with it's safe and healthy formula that promises chip free shine, long lasting color and the fastest soak off time in the industry.
This is actually my second time getting Bio Seaweed Gel nails. 
The first time I got it was totally by a fluke. I stepped in my local salon and fell in love with their colors.
 I also remember my nails growing a lot in 14 days and the polish lasting a really LONG time!
Comes in over 100 colours, contains calcium, vitamin E and aloe and helps your nails to
grow stronger, faster and longer with every application!

You can use a UV and LED light to cure the gel or you can use direct sunlight!

One of their biggest selling points is how thin the application is.
Most gel polishes are thick which can lead to them chipping quickly.
Bio Seaweed nails are buildable without looking fake. 
As you can see in the picture below.

Secondly, the soak off is quick! Just use to my "How to remove Gel polish" tutorial 
and it will come off with NO damage. 

Here is picture of me wearing the nails on day 21. 
This is one week over the 14 day wear time.

 As you can see two of those nails were in pristine condition!


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