Anastasia Beverly Hills: Want You To Want Me Eye Shadow Palette & Kisses On My List Gloss Set

 It's about time I start sharing holiday collection information. 
 I need to come to the realization that Summer is gone. 
We're fully into Fall... coasting into Winter

 Do you remember my past post on the Anastasia Beverly Hills See or Be Seen Kit?
I have nothing but good things to say about the Anastasia Beverly Hills line.

Want You To Want Me Eye Shadow Palette 
A deluxe eye shadow palette featuring an array of nude and plum shades and all that you need for a beautiful holiday look.

Eye Shadow in Platform Wedge, Members Only, Graphic T's, Iron on, Front Row Center, Ziggy, Brass in Pocket, Power Ballad, Jellies
Mini Clear Brow Gel
Liquid Eye Liner
Mini two-sided brush

This is exactly what I would look for palette! Everything in here can be used on the lightest porcelain to ebony shades. I love how the brow gel is clear! Not tinted or colored.
Also the palette is small enough to keep in your makeup bag.

Kisses On My List Volume 2 Hydrafull Gloss Set
A limited-edition HydraFull Gloss set that includes three sheer, ultra-hydrating glosses and three new and exclusive Hypercolor glosses.
Color shown: Moi
Colors: Sharona, Roxanne, Jolene, Lola, Maggie May, and Moi.

If you're into high-shine glosses this is definitely for you!
Two of the glosses were a little pale for my skin tone. I found an amazing nude in the bunch called Moi.

These products can be found at and Sephora. Canadians Kisses On My List Volume 2 Hydrafull Gloss Set is $39.00 & Want You To Want Me Eye Shadow Palette is $44.00.


  1. I was singing Cheap Trick (oh 10 things I Hate About were such a fun movie~) in my head while reading this title xD

    I used a brow mascara back in the days...but it didn't work very well. May have been because it was tinted, now that you mention that you liked it was clear...

  2. I really like this brand. Amazing gift sets.

  3. Just posted the final touch to my review of the eyeshadow compact earlier today - my favorite shades are definitely Graphic T's and Iron on!

  4. Loving the set&glosses so pretty!

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