Trend: Deep Red lipsticks

I think everyone has one lipstick shade which they love seeing on other people but are not sure if it would look "you". That's how I felt when I saw MAC Diva for the first time. For anyone who doesn't know what Diva looks like it's a deep burgundy with a matte finish.

Whether you are a red lipstick wearer or not, now is a perfect time to one try it out! Summer is coming up and there a lot more outings to attend and try out a deep red look!

I've met several girls who tell me red is not for them. My advice is "You haven't found the right one yet!”.

When you’re inside a store try swiping the lipsticks on the inner part of wrist. Why? Because your undertone shows up the best in that area. Once you have done that, compare the colors and choose one that works for you.

To end my post: I present you with my favourite deep lipsticks worn my Rihanna. I know that we're not the same skin tone but she looks amazing in these lipsticks!

Are you a fan of deep red lipsticks?


  1. I love a deep red in the fall and winter. That red is gorgeous on you. :)

  2. the red is lovely!!! I follow you, it would mean a lot if you checked out my blog and maybe follow me back? xx

  3. I wore deep reds only a few times during the winter...wish I had worn it more. Now that the weather is kind of warming up, I've swapped out a lot of my darker shades for lighter spring-y ones. Anyway, Diva looks great on you~^^

  4. I used to think red was not for me either that is until I tried one , and now I love it and can't stop wearing it

  5. Rih always has the perfect lipcolor. *sigh* Lol. I LOVE deep reds. &I`m gonna have to try swatching on my wrist. I never thought about that. Great tip, Jenn!

  6. I love deep red lipsticks, but before last wear when I bought my first red lipstick I would have never tried red because I use to think I couldn't wear red. But now I think that every skin tone can pull off a red lipstick its just about finding what works for you :)

    Love this post Jennifer! Do you know the name of the lipstick Rihanna is wearing?

  7. I have MAC DIVA and I have yet to wear it. I will next week. :) You look lovely in red lipsticks.


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