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Five tips to make you more confident when getting your makeup done

I have a confession. 
Although, I am a makeup artist- getting my makeup done gives me sight anxiety...Yeah I know. 
My main fear is:

What if I don't like it & how I nicely ask someone to change it?

Everyday Makeup: Cat eyes & Pink Lips

Right now my to go look is a cat eye and pink lips. It's a face that I can do in 5 minutes flat! I find it also looks best whenever I go with a natural canvas. That means no foundation, contour, highlighter or blush. No extras!

It's important that your cat eye is clean. There are so many advances out there right now to help you achieve that! A pointy tip liquid liner pen is vice of choice. Essence's liquid eyeliner waterproof “Black” is one of my top fives under $5.00.

As a woman of colour, finding a perfect pink is crucial. I always go with the one that has a blue base. If you see L’Oréal Paris Extraordinaire by Colour Riche  “Rose Symphony” in stores- Pick it up! It's a pigmented lip gloss that has a smooth application.

On the brows, I'm actually using a Revlon® Colorstay™ eyeliner. It's long lasting and the perfect shade.

What is your everyday makeup look?

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadows + Swatches!

How do you perfect a perfect product! 
One of the first brands I discovered at Sephora was Make Up For EVER. 
They have the most pigment, pure and innovative products on the market.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a MUFE party which introduced us to the new line of shadows. 
I'm so impressed. Each swatch was silky and vivid.

We also had the opportunity to customize our own MAKE UP FOR EVER Custom Artist Palette! 

A highly-blendable, gel-powder eye shadow and powder blush with vivid color payoff.
I wanted to make a palette that could used be for every occasion. 
One requirement for me was that it HAD to have a deep/rich dark brown.
For a deeper-skinned woman of colour, this would be the ultimate face contour colour.

These shadows ($24.00 CAN) blend effortlessly, come in 210 colours and five different finishes.

From Top to Bottom:
  • TJ01A
  • UB02A
  • T101A

Have you tried these shadows yet?

Trend: Deep Red lipsticks

I think everyone has one lipstick shade which they love seeing on other people but are not sure if it would look "you". That's how I felt when I saw MAC Diva for the first time. For anyone who doesn't know what Diva looks like it's a deep burgundy with a matte finish.

Whether you are a red lipstick wearer or not, now is a perfect time to one try it out! Summer is coming up and there a lot more outings to attend and try out a deep red look!

I've met several girls who tell me red is not for them. My advice is "You haven't found the right one yet!”.

When you’re inside a store try swiping the lipsticks on the inner part of wrist. Why? Because your undertone shows up the best in that area. Once you have done that, compare the colors and choose one that works for you.

To end my post: I present you with my favourite deep lipsticks worn my Rihanna. I know that we're not the same skin tone but she looks amazing in these lipsticks!

Are you a fan of deep red lipsticks?

Finding the Right Foundation

I started my blog for anyone who wanted to get into makeup but didn't know where to start. Believe it or not, I found a foundation that perfectly matched my skin tone when I was 24. That was only three years ago. It was actually Make Up For Ever HD foundation in 178. Perfect foundation that works with daylight & harsh flash.

The hardest part in the beginning is trying to find which shade would suit your skin tone. It's always good to start in places which offer samples like Sephora or MAC. Since there is a lot of trial and error at first, it's always good check up on blogs to get an idea of what you want. I can't remember who it was but I seen a Youtuber with a similar skin tone to mine demo the MUFE HD formula. I went into the store and picked up exactly what I wanted.

I can't tell you how many times I have tried a product in store (on my hand), bought it and it was a totally the wrong color! Here are three tips to help you (if you're new to makeup):

  • Find out your undertone.
Are you warm or cool based?
This part is kind of difficult for some. Warm based skin has a yellow undertone. Cool based skin has a blue undertone. I'm a yellow undertone with a little bit of red. Get it? If you don’t pop into the closest department store and someone will definitely help you out. Maybe they can apply it directly to your face.

  • Always swipe the product on the side of your jaw.
Does the product match your skin? If so, congrats you have a match! If it doesn't, keep on trying other brands until you find a suitable product.

  • Find your finish.
This one is truly based on trial and error. I prefer liquid foundation but lately I'm in love with matte powders (with no primer). I love the way how it sets naturally on my skin.
If I'm in a rush I spray it to get the desired look I want.

Do you have any tips on finding the right foundation? 
Share them below!

GLEAM Lip & Body Radiance by Makeup Artist Melanie Mills

As a beauty blogger/MUA it's important to try out different brands. Earlier this year, I had the chance to try out some products from Emmy Award Winning makeup artist Melanie Mills. This was my first time hearing about Melanie but after learning about her impressive resume I had get my hands on her products. Her client list includes such notable entertainers as Brandy, Nicole Scherzinger, Kim Kardashian and more.

GLEAM Lip Radiance will be available in seven juicy shades that are tailored to fit every skin tone. Designed to make one’s lips “pop” and made with organic and botanical ingredients, GLEAM Lip Radiance not only moisturizes the skin but it can be used alone without lip liner and lasts all day – or night –long.

Left to Right: Unstoppable, With my Heels on, Up again the Wall & Unforgettable
The colors are GORGEOUS! 
Extremely smooth and pigmented.
I'm happy I picked four colors that work perfectly with my skin tone.

Don't believe me?
Check out these lip swatches!

"Unforgettable", Eggplant purple

"Up Against the Wall," a stunning siren brick red

"Unstoppable", a rich hot coral

"With My Heels On", a pure pop of fuchsia pink

GLEAM Body Radiance creates a natural lit from within glow for the skin in an easy application. The lightest to the deepest complexions are all made luminous by a formula that hides skin imperfections, even filling wrinkles and enhancing the texture of the skin thanks to GLEAM Body Radiance’s velvety botanical base. GLEAM can be applied in a light touch to highlight shoulders, décolleté or to massage in liberally like a lotion, for all-over perfection.
I blended them both into each other. 
I really wish my camera could pick up how gorgeous this looked!
Want to get your hands on some Gleam by Melanie Mills? Check out her online shop.

What is your favorite color?