Five tips to make you more confident when getting your makeup done

I have a confession. 
Although, I am a makeup artist- getting my makeup done gives me sight anxiety...Yeah I know. 
My main fear is:

What if I don't like it & how I nicely ask someone to change it?

I hate confrontation! 
Whenever I do makeup, I'm the type of person who gives you a mirror and asks you questions along the way. I want you to be comfortable and love your look!

But I know it can't be like that in every situation. 
Here is a checklist of 5 things to make sure that your appointment goes smoothly.
This list can be very helpful for brides**

Always have a muse & examples of the look you're going for

My muse is Kelly Rowland because we have the same skin tone. I know we don't look alike but she's the perfect person to describe my skin tone and eye shape. If I'm looking for the perfect red- I know I can find a picture of her wearing one for reference. I always try to have three to five images of the look that I am going for. Sometimes saying chocolate smokey eyes isn't enough. Images help a lot.

If possible, ask to see the MUAs work

I know that it's not always available especially if your getting an MUA from a Sephora, MAC or department store. But if you're a bride- this will be very important. You need to see if this MUA's style is something that you vibe with. For example, I know a great MUA who does great work but isn't strong with liquid eyeliner. Or another who is amazing with blending but doesn't contour or highlight. You need someone who will work for you!

Always speak up on your allergies before the MUA gets started

For example- I have a grape allergy and I try to avoid moisturizers/serums that contain that. Also foundation preference- I prefer MUFE or NARS. If my MUA doesn't have it. I bring my own. But I know that's not always possible.


If you don't like your eyebrows darken... SPEAK UP! If you don't wear dark lipstick. SPEAK UP! Also if you have a picture of how you usually wear your makeup. Show that! I do think that it's great to step out of the box but within reason. Which brings me to my last point.

If you don't like it speak up

Always compliment the MUA but say what needs to be changed. For example, "I love the eyes but my blush is too strong- can we tone it down a bit. Work together to find a happy medium!

If you have any more tips leave them below!

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