Have you heard of Teeez cosmetics before? 
I actually seen the kiosk downtown in The Bay last year. 
I swatched a few lipsticks and liked the consistency but didn’t get to explore the brand further.

I got another opportunity to play at the NKPR Spring 2017 event.
I demo-ed the highlighters and fell in love!

What do you look for in a highlighter?
Like.. what criteria is needed to make a good highlighter????
I look for highlighters that:
A) Show up on my skin
As a darker skinned woman, I need something will show up and not look like a silvery mess or non-existent.
B) Easy to work with
Do I have to swirl my brush 100 times to pick up some colour?? Or does it apply streaky? If so, I don’t want it.
C) Unique
Am I excited to use it? Do I want to tell my friends or readers to read about it?<- VERY IMPORTANT

Well these Teeez Cosmetics style addict highlighters have all the above.
First off, I've never seen a highlighter apply so smoothly but still show up when u blend it.

Best way to apply these highlighters?
I'd recommend two ways.
1) A synthetic brush because they don’t trap liquid products in their bristles.
Try one like this:

Or use your fingers. My personal favourite.
Free :) Or a combination of both.

I received three different colours. 
I personally think there is a colour for everyone!

From left to right:
Light- Berlin Sunrise
Medium- Body Heat
Dark/Deep- Smooth Cooper

Which one is your favourite?

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