Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts?

I was trying to think of the perfect bridesmaids gifts to give out and was stumped.  I really wanted to give the girls something that they would cherish as an appreciation of them putting up with me. That's when an idea of personalized jewellery came to my attend via an email. 
*Light bulb* It's unique and personal.

Name Necklace Canada has plenty of options to choose from.
  • Name Necklaces
  • Floating Lockets
  • Name Bracelets
  • Monogram Necklaces
  • Name Rings
I decided to be unique and go with a Two Finger Name Ring. It's crafted in Sterling Silver (0.925)- so it's pretty sturdy. Not like the cheap costume jewelry sets you get from the store. 

The first thing I did was give them my name. I wanted my full name: Jennifer. Then I measured my ring size using the ring guide that they had. This is where it kind got tricky. I measured for my middle finger and ring finger on my right side. I missed the part that read **measure the largest joint part of your finger** and went with the area in-between. *Covers eyes* Anyways, I moved it to my pinky and ring finger instead. Much more comfortable fit.

Overall, the website is pretty informative. They give you care instructions, offer free shipping & 60 day returns. As for me- I think I may just go with a name necklace. There are many options to choose from on their site and I can avoid having to measure their fingers (and getting it wrong).

Have you gotten personalized jewellery as a gift before?
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  1. That is a great idea! It would be cool to if on the back a personal message was inscribed for each person :)


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