How I got started in Beauty

I fell in love with makeup back in 2008, after watching a special effects video on YouTube. After watching which seemed like 20 videos, I stumbled on a “Golden Goddess” tutorial and that was it! I remember watching this young girl totally transform herself in less than10 minutes. I was hooked!

That’s what my obsession with makeup started. I started out with makeup from the dollar store (which I might add- wasn’t the best idea) then to drug store makeup items like Annabelle cosmetics and Maybelline. Lastly, graduating to Holy Grail MAC Cosmetics that all the gurus had. Looking back at those early pictures always makes me laugh. I looked decent but there was room for improvement. Like… my brows were way too thin and I was afraid to use liquid eyeliner!

Watching tutorials was pretty awesome but I always wanted to show my side of it. So I started to do YouTube reviews but I always wanted to know more.

I decided to go to a great makeup school and I learned a lot. Which equipped me to start my blog and get myself out there.

I do know that now-a-days there is a much younger crowd that is interested in makeup. It can be hard to know where to start. It’s also important that they know the difference between good and bad techniques. For example- over plucked thin brows are NOT in! Also what’s real from what’s fake in the online world. I remember to tell all my little cousins that a lot of the looks on Instagram are altered- whenever I hear them say “Why can’t I look like that?”. Well you can for a low price of $3.99…

I should add that it’s important to learn from professionals. Places like CMU College of Makeup Art & Design in Toronto offers a makeup camp during the March Break for teenagers. The cost covers a makeup kit. Imagine coming back to school and learning how to make the perfect cat-eye flick like Adele. Instant friends!

Remember that you have to start somewhere. Some of us are extra ordinary and literally get the winged liner/perfect brow lifestyle on the first try. Others need some assistance (like moi). The March makeup camp is a great start for those in the younger crowd who want to get their feet wet in makeup artistry. If you can’t attend that keep your eyes out for upcoming makeup events in Toronto!

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