Four reasons why you need the Microsoft Surface

I love being a beauty blogger. Trying out new products is always exciting. But that's only one side of my life. If you know me, then you know I work with video cameras and computers all day. I love when I find a product that makes my life easier. When I was asked if I wanted to try out the Microsoft Surface for Toronto Fashion week, I accepted without any hesitation.

Four reasons why every girl needs the Microsoft Surface

It is basically a laptop in a tablet form. All of my computers are about 15 to 17 inches in width...they're powerful but also pretty heavy to lug around. This baby is light. It has a stand on the back which is awesome for when your watching movies or youtube videos.

I love the keyboard! It’s easy to attach. The keys are not crammed together, they’re spaced out like the ones on a laptop. Also I seen some cool keyboard colours. When I was at Toronto Fashion week, I seen a teal one. Love!

Touch screen
I have several options for navigating on the Surface. I have a pen and a large track pad but the touch screen is my favourite. Don’t laugh but it makes blog reading, coasting through social media and even online shopping a breeze. Just click and go!

The pen has some really awesome features. Imagine your reading your favourite blog and they have a post on top five matte lipsticks. One brand may catch your eye. You can screenshot the page with the pen with a double click. It will open in OneNote. Once your there you get an image of the page and you can circle the product that you like with the pen. Click the pen once to be transported to OneNote and save your thoughts. My writing is pretty big so the pen easily translated my handwritten notes to text. If you have an issue writing(a.k.a your witting looks like chicken scratch) there is actually a way to improve your handwriting recognition.

As a blogger, I’m always turning out content. Text is important but images are key. This baby has a USB port which is amazing for uploading photos or documents. Plus a micro SD card reader and headset jack. In other words, I don’t need my big laptop to complete a blog post.

Lastly, while we are on the connectivity tip. You can connect your phone to your Surface. So bloggers, when your at an event like Toronto Fashion week and taking pictures on your phone- they go directly on to your device. For me, that was mind blowing! Don’t laugh.. It takes me forever to upload images off my android phone because I’m always misplacing the cord. Now, it’s done automatically! A total life saver.

My first time taking out the Surface was at Toronto Fashion week. I was given a ticket to enjoy the show and check out the market place. Let me start out by saying, I love the new Toronto Fashion Week set up. It’s classy and chic. My favourite booth was Mircosoft’s. I was able to design a custom 3D printed nail accessory on the Surface, watch it get printed by a 3D printer and then had it applied!

Check out some shots I got using the Surface at Toronto Fashion Week!

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  1. Hm..i was thinking of getting a Microsoft Surface Pro. I'm usually an Apple fan though. Ahh..the decisions, the decisions!!


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