Clarins Has Perfected Skincare for the Under-35 Set

Last month, Jenn and I headed to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto to see the new launches Clarins was debuting for Spring 2016. It was quite a fete – there was a dessert bar, complete with a cotton candy machine, macaron lollipops and some bubbly! The venue was perfect – the hotel is actually home to the only Clarins spa in the country!

The products also did not disappoint. When the Clarins team walked through the product benefits and allowed us to smell the product and get a feel for their texture, I immediately fell in love and began testing them out that evening!

I wanted to give my skin ample time to adjust to these new products (enough time for cellular turnover), so I used the products day and night for five weeks to gauge the efficacy of the new Clarins launches.

I am extremely happy to report that my skin has completely transformed since using this. My skin was at its worst ever when I began using these Clarins products, and I’ve now had no more than 5-6 small blemishes since I began using them daily.

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream for All Skin Types
The Multi-Active line has been one of Clarins’ best-selling products since 1988. Over the years, the Clarins team has researched new trends in skincare as well as the efficacy of new ingredients, and has tweaked the formula of the Multi-Active line to help your skin look its best. This formula is the line’s fifth re-launch.

The line was designed to best combat the damages of the millennial lifestyle – city pollution, lack of sleep, stress from building our careers, etc. This definitely spoke to me (and my under eye bags). So many face creams are designed for the over 40 set, and it’s hard to find a preventative cream that isn’t too heavy and will combat my concerns. The Day Cream’s main ingredient, Myrothamnus (a South African plant extract) helps combat signs of stress, all while maintaining a light texture that allows for easy application.

I was immediately impressed with its consistency. I usually tend to be wary of things in pots – my mental association of formulas in pots are heavy, pore-clogging and heavily fragranced. The Multi-Active Day Cream is none of those things – it applies smoothly and sinks into skin quickly for my morning makeup application, and has a light and delicate scent that is pleasing but does not upset my skin.

Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin
Again, the Multi-Active Night Cream applies like a dream, just like its daytime counterpart. Its main ingredient, Organic California Poppy, helps fight early signs of aging and lends a scent that I find so relaxing – perfect for bedtime. Each morning after use, I wake up with plump, even, hydrated skin. It’s perfect for faking a good night’s sleep, even if you spent the night tossing and turning!

Clarins Mission Perfection Serum
I’ve been using this serum only in the morning as I’ve been using a retinoid cream before moisturizing at night, however, this serum is perfect for being applied under your Multi-Active Night Cream. The Mission Perfection Serum promises to promote circulation, even out your complexion, minimize hyperpigmentation and smooths your skin – and it delivers. I’ve definitely noticed the efficacy of this serum throughout my five-week trial period, and my skin is the most clear and even it’s been in years! The serum’s two main ingredients, Acerola and Ginkgo Biloba, help combat UV damage and inflammation; all while minimizing redness and helping restore the skin’s natural light reflection and radiance.

Have you tried these products yet? 
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Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream | Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream | Clarins Mission Perfection Serum

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