My Sephora Collection Sparkle & Shine Picks

The holidays are here! This is the perfect time to shop! A little secret between you and I.... prices drop significantly at this time. Stores want to get more people in- buying and driving their daily sales total up. Sephora has some really good deals right now. Whether you go in-store or online- you're bound to find something you love for yourself or for a loved one.

These next post coming up are all going to be my picks from Sephora that you should totally consider this season. You know that almost every season they have a new print in their Sephora collection series. This season it's the Sparkle and Shine theme. For someone like me, this is perfect. It's flashy without being too over-the-top. I also like that they offer multiple items that you can get in one standard print. It's like a glitter houndstooth for grown-ups. Availability online might not be the easiest. But in-store I found quite a few items that I'm sharing here. 
Here my top three!

I think that a girl needs to have several brush sets. This one would be perfect for travelling! 
Do you have a cousin who is always jet setting? This might be for her! 

The Sparkle & Shine Antibacterial Brush Set ($62 USA) comes with six brushes
 in a glitter printed pouch.

Brushes included

-Powder Brush
-Foundation Brush
-Concealer Brush
-Angled Shadow Brush
-Eye Shadow Brush
-Eyeliner Brush
-Brow Brush

Look at the handles!

What makes this brush set antibacterial?  
The brush hairs are made of synthetic antibacterial fibers. 
Another bonus- it's hypoallergenic and cruelty-free! 

Perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin as well.

I love a roomy makeup bag. When I have a larger purse- I like to keep one with all my essentials and usually like 8 liquid lipsticks but who is counting... This is perfect for a traveller as well because it fits nicely in a carry-on! 

Sparkle & Shine The Voyager ($25 CDN) is a medium sized makeup bag zips and features that awesome glitter print. I love the way how it opens and the little pocket on the side. I slide my oil blotters in there.

Last but not least PRO brushes. This is perfect for your niece who has discovered youtube or your homegirl whose makeup brushes came from the discount bin at the dollar store... 

The Stand Up and Shine Prestige PRO Brush Set ($99.00 USA) is exactly what you're looking for. You get 12 PRO makeup brushes with a pop-up pouch.

Brushes included:
    • Powder brush
    • Angled blush brush
    • Wide foundation brush
    • Concealer brush
    • Small shadow brush
    • Crease brush
    • Smudge brush
    • Angled liner brush
    • Smokey liner brush
    • Lip brush
    • Fan brush
    • Double-ended brow comb with spoolie
    • Stand-up pouch

    Each brush is handmade with natural or mixed fibers. 
    The pouch stands up and great for placing on your vanity.


    Do any of these look appealing to you?
    Which set is your favourite?

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