What do I do with my Wedding Guests?

I actually got an email from a reader (Hi Cindy!) regarding a wedding situation. I thought it would be perfect to share on here because you never know what someone else is going through. 

Her Question-
I'm getting married in April and I'm unsure what to do. The ceremony and venue is far. It's Hamilton. I'm not from there and none of my fam is from there. I have a gap in the middle where I take pictures and do an outfit change. Do I book a few hotel room for a every to stay in? I have no idea what to do.

When I got married, I was in the same position.. kind of. And I had to learn this on my own to let your guests think for themselves. As a bride, it's so easy to get wrapped up in so many different situations. I'm the type of person that honestly does not want to inconvenience anyone and I will look for ideas to make other people happy.... Which usually end up  with me sacrificing my time or things blowing up in my face.

For example, I had a 90 minute gap in between the church to the reception for me to take photos and I was so freaked out how would my guest from the east end feel with the break in the middle. Guess what? They all found a way to occupy themselves! Some went to a park, others when to a coffee shop and some had already planned out staying at a hotel in the area. Don't stress out. Trust me it will all work out. 

Do you have any advice for Cindy? 
Leave it below!

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