My Fall Beauty Picks from Murale

It’s time to switch up your skin care routine! With the air getting drier- I'm sorry to tell you but your skin is starting to lack moisture. That leads to cracking and peeling skin. 
NOTHING that I’m trying to have in my life! Lol

A few months back I went to a Murale FALL event. For my USA readers, "Murale stores have an offering of prestige products like hair care, fragrance, cosmetics, skincare plus bath & body." I was introduced to some new brands and was reacquainted with some brands that I know and love. I was also sent home with a healthy bag full of products to try out. 

I picked four that I know that you will all love and want to try.
Let’s get started:

Brand: The Organic Pharmacy
Product: Jasmine Night conditioner ($70 CAN)
I love the concept of this. After you finish cleansing your face. Spritz the conditioning spray all over your face and allow it to absorb. Do not wipe off after. This product is supposed to hydrate and bring life to your skin while you sleep.

Contains five key ingredients:
  • Glycolic acid from fruit
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Jasmine
  • Retinol
Brand: NIA (Not into aging)
Product: Sunday Detox with Clay Peel Off Mask ($39 CAN)
The perfect mask to get your skin back on track after a wild weekend. When I first tried this mask... I honestly I don’t know what to expect. But it’s really good!!! It's made of a rich clay and bamboo charcoal powder and comes out as a mousse.

That mousse is going to help get out all the impurities out of your pores. 

Key ingredients:
  • Exfoliating fruit extracts.
  • Black cumin
  • Manuka oils
  • Chaulmoorga - **First time I’ve heard hearing about this product. But it’s actually a tree and the oil from the seeds has been used widely in Chinese and Indian medicine.
Foreo Espanda
If there is a brand that I think I would recommend everybody to try out at least one product from- would be Foreo. This is the second product I’m trying from them: Foreo Espanda ($199 CAN).

This is the perfect product to use at home while you’re binge watching on Netflix. The Espanda uses a blue light therapy and sonic waves to penetrate your skin surface and eliminate acne causing bacteria. I’m lucky that I don’t get a lot of pimples.... but when I do- I want them gone immediately.

Phytophanere Pills
PHYTO is probably one of the top three hair brands that has really helped my natural hair in the past few months. Having kinky hair, it’s very easy for it to get dry and brittle. I need a lot of moisture to keep my hair intact during protective styling.

Phytophanere ($79.00 CAN) is “dubbed” a beauty pill. This pill is going to help you get fuller hair and stronger nails. Take two in the morning with water daily. I have just started using it so I can’t tell you about any major growth yet. But I can tell you that this pill is definitely recommended for any one who is getting married in the next two months and needs some extra TLC before the big day.

Notable ingredients are:
  • Vitamins B,C,E
  • Fatty acids
  • Plant extract
  • ***The box states that you should expect to see results in as little as four weeks***
Are you interested in any of these products?

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