Best Sephora Collection Holiday Picks Under $15

Budget is the main word I see coming out of a lot of people’s mouth this season. And you know what? I don’t blame them! For me, I rather get more products for my buck. So instead of getting someone one gift for $50- I rather put together multiple items. I say this all the time but one of the best hidden gems at Sephora is their Sephora collection

I was actually sent a few Sephora collection Holiday goodies and I picked five products which I feel any beauty lover would be grateful for!

One of my purse must haves is a mirror and I don’t care how small my purse is! The SEPHORA COLLECTION Dark Rainbow Compact Mirror is only $15. I love it because it’s Sparkly and it’s small. 
I will admit that it has a bit of weight to it but it’s so beautifully crafted and it also has a 2X magnification for touchups. 
Literally what more can you ask for?! 
Honestly every time I take this out of my purse I know it’s going to be a conversation starter.

This brush is small enough to fit in to your crossover purse. It’s the SEPHORA COLLECTION Dark Rainbow Dual Boar Brush. Bear with me because this is actually $18 CAN which is three dollars over the budget that I wanted to go for....But honestly it’s worth it! 

It has plastic bristles with the combination of boar bristles to smooth out your kinks and tangles. Honestly, this is perfect for up-dos on natural hair.

I’m not gonna lie these are smaller than the usual "minis" that I get but the SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain Set is pretty cute. For $15 you get four best selling I’m gonna call them mini lip stains. 
If you don’t know... the cream lips stains are one of the most popular lip products I hear a lot of girls talking about from the SEPHORA COLLECTION. I was also happy to see Always Red (a red lip that literally looks good on everybody) a part of kit! 
The three other colours are Blackberry sorbet, New blush and Vintage Rosewood. 

I know I put two sponge kits on the list and it seems kind of repetitive but each set that has a different role and size! The SEPHORA COLLECTION blend til’ the end sponge set $15. I’m in love with the name.. haha! This set was included because of its detail oriented blending sponge with tip.

These sponges are actually supposed to be used wet. The wetter the sponge the more sheer the coverage. Back to the detail oriented and blending sponge with tip(blue/green sponge) I really loved that one for the crevices on the side of my nose and above my lip.

The main reason why this SEPHORA COLLECTION Blend & Clean Kit was added is because the solid clean brush cleanser that it comes with! I do find that a lot of people use cleaning products on their sponges which deteriorates them. 

This won't!
You also get two larger sponges and one small one. All for $15, a great deal!


Have you seen any of these products in store?


  1. All of these are so cute! I love the hair brush and their lip creams are amazing! I have the rosewood shade and I LOVE ittt!

  2. Cute sets! Those Lip Cream Stains are some of my favorite liquid lipsticks.

  3. Loved all these cute picks! I would love it if you would check out my blog :)


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