Bottles: Glass vs. Plastic Pro vs. Con

I remember back 20 years ago when glass bottles were the norm. Yes I’m that old. We started Ava on plastic and silicone based bottles... which I don’t regret but there are a few benefits to glass bottles that we have observed in the past few months.

Thank you to Dr. Browns they gifted us Options Glass Wide-Neck starter set!

Not sure if you seen these in-stores but they feature an anti-colic vent system. If you have a baby who takes in a lot of air or gas. You totally need a paced flow! These help reduce feeding issues, helps digestion and also helps to preserve vitamins. I'm thankful that they added nipples for 9+ months for Ava Rose. I waited until baby girl was at least 10 months before I introduced these bottles because I wasn’t sure of the weight and overall sentiment that she would have towards them. 
She does so well with them! I wish I started earlier.

Here are a few finding that totally might make you choose glass over anything else.

NO Bad Scents
If your baby is formula fed, you know what it smells like when your bottles need a GOOD wash. Sometimes I don’t even have to have the bottle lying there for a while for it to get that “smell”. It takes forever to get it out! Let me tell you that glass does NOT do that. I bet the answer has to do something with plastic absorbing the scent while glass doesn’t... but I'm not a scientist or anything LOL. 

We have never dropped a bottle on the ground but I can tell you that these particular ones are THICK. Which are awesome... and they also have a silicone sleeve that can be washed and reused. I won’t lie- this is what completely sold them for me. If My baby drops it - it’s virtually safe.

Did you know that glass has a longer lasting life span than plastic? Some of my plastic bottles have changed colour from being used daily but the glass is still clear and pretty fresh. In the long run, it will help you save money - because you don’t have to replace as much. Just upgrade the nipples.


So let’s recap. Glass might be more pricey in the beginning because duh it’s glass! 
But overall will be worth it because of its durability. 
These bottles are a great addition to our bottle collection!


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  1. I Used Dr. Brown's for my children. I never knew there was a glass option. These sound really amazing because you are definitely right about the "smell." I hated it!


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