Four simple ways to fall asleep quick!

During this time the hardest thing for me has been sleep. Yes... I do have a one-year-old who sleeps extremely well! But currently the main questions in my mind is... When will this Quarantine be over? Will I be spending my birthday in quarantine? When will my husband have to go back to work? I could go on and on but we don't have the time. I know I’m not the only one who has all these questions. If you really sit down and think about it- it will keep you up all night.

I really had to sit down and figure out a few ways to get more sleep. 
Check out my tips below:

This might be harder for some but an hour before bed write all your troubles down in a diary. Once you’re done. Put the diary away in a space that is not reachable OR obtainable from your bed. The idea is that it can help you forget about your worries and you can deal with them another day.

Sleep Tones Machine
What about a sleep aid?  I’m really big on these dating back to 2018. When I was pregnant with Ava, I actually used my Apple Music to download tones so I could get some good sleep.  I was super happy to be gifted with Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine ($49.00 CAN). It comes with 3 sound spectrums: White, pink and brown. My favourite is white. Available at Shoppers Drugmart and Rexall.

If you can try a nice bath before bed. You remember the old wives tale that if you want your baby to sleep throughout the night give them a soothing bath to calm down before bed. If it works for babies why wouldn’t it work for us? Try adding some Dr Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salts ($9.99 CAN). It can calm your muscles while you soak and it smells AMAZING!

More Sleeping Aids
Last... but not least. This one I would definitely recommend you do some research before. Hyland’s homeopathic Calm Forté ($9.99 CAN) is a natural sleeping aid. There are no sedatives in it- It's actually comprised of four botanicals. Available at London Drugs and


  1. Great suggestions. When I was younger I would take a bath before bed. It really made me feel relaxed and calm. I fell asleep faster.

  2. I love baths and I journal almost every day. But sis... I am normally exhausted from the day I've had.... all my thoughts pass out with me in a matter of seconds. Glad you have found what works for you because SLEEP IS NECESSARY! Sending you good vibes mama. We will get through this!

  3. I love a good diary by the bed to help me get all of the craziness out of my head before I lay down. Great post!

  4. I have been having problems with sleep during this time as well! and yepp writing down your thoughts and problems is a great tip i have been doing this during this period and it has been helping me deal with my emotions


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