3 Ways to Spruce up a Boring Bedroom

My bedroom is one of my favourite rooms in my house. 
It’s where I get to relax after a long day and wind down in a safe space with a big, comfy bed! I always like to make sure my bedroom speaks to my style so that it truly feels like mine because I just hate a boring looking bedroom with no personality. 
This is where decorating comes in! 

It’s so easy to make a bland space look amazing and you can bring your bedroom to life with these 3 ideas. 
Coloured Headboard 
The bed is the first place your eyes go when looking at a bedroom and it can be the center of your decor theme. Try adding some oomph to your bed with a headboard of any design and colour of your choosing. They can add an elegant and comfortable look to your room and make the environment even more relaxing! We chose to go with blue. It's fun, it's different and it's the perfect pop of colour.
Unique Looking Faux Plants 
Plants are so gorgeous and can add such a peaceful vibe to your home, but sometimes it's a struggle keeping them alive! If your green thumb is nowhere to be found, try buying faux plants that have unique designs and colours. These can keep the style of your room intact for as long as you want them while imitating a natural aesthetic. 

Photo Frames 
Fill the walls and your nightstand with beautiful pictures of the people you love in photo frames throughout your bedroom. It’s a great way to remind yourself of all the love in your life and keeps the people you care about close. You can also have frames of mesmerizing art and photography that you admire that add to the decorating theme of the room. Photo frames are such an easy, affordable way to spruce up a bedroom! You can transform your bedroom into your safe haven with a vision and a plan. 

Decorating it can be a great way to let your creativity shine and you’ll be thankful to yourself for putting in the effort to make it comfortable and aesthetically pleasing after a long day. 

 Would you put photo frames of family and friends or art and photography on your bedroom walls?

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