5 Tips for Working from Home with Toddler/Baby

I know this Pandemic/January has made a lot of us work from home or be completely home-based. I’m going into my 4th exclusive work from home year. 
So trust me when I say- BEEN THERE DONE THAT! 

It can be a roller coaster of emotions. 

One day I’m happy, another day I’m frustrated but overall I’m grateful. She’s healthy and happy and fully of energy but she’s mine! Let me add that Ava is in daycare part-time during this time. She started in September- so it’s been around 4 months so far. My husband and I are debating on putting her in full-time in the summer... but for now- she’s there 3 times a week with the other two with me.  

Here are some quick tips for the parents who are doing this for the first time: 
  1. If you have kid(s) figure out a plan that works for you both. 
    We divide our days up before and after nap. You can read more here: Baby/Toddler daily schedule 
  2. Nap-time/free time are crucial for you. If you have the budget- Daycare...
    A routine will truly make your day run smoothly. Note- Everyday the routine will not work but at least your child will get an idea of how the day will go. 
  3. Take a lunch break away from you phone or computer. 
    Even if it's 20 minutes! So worth it.
  4. *Whispers* If you can cat nap during the day. DO it!
    If you have a baby or toddler - we all know naps are crucial! So please take advantage of them! 
  5. Set work hours! It took me years to do this but it literally saved my life and sanity.
    Also don’t be afraid to revise them *if needed. Just let your client or boss know.  
Am I missing anything? 
Hope these short tips help!


  1. I love these tips, especially during this pandemic that we are having. These can really help moms out during hectic times.

  2. These are great tips! Your daughter is beautiful ❤️


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